35) The other end of the ball – a little something from the 70’s?


The fourth Lizard Ridge square is complete!  And doesn't this camera angle show off the 'egg box' texture well?  This (mostly) is the other half of the ball that gave the 'My Little Pony' square of various purples and blues, aka Square 3.  The only bit that doesn't belong to the same ball of yarn is the blue stripe to the right of the photo.  Just to remind you what Square 3 looked like:


Hard to believe they're related, eh?  I definitely prefer this second square, even if the orange/yellow/green thing does remind me of some curtains my parents used to own.  I loooove the rich, jewel-like colours; to me they are exactly what Noro yarns are all about.  And I think the variety in the colours is well-suited to the Lizard Ridge pattern, too; more colour families are involved, and they play well together.




  • Oooh, I like that one.

    3rd April 2009
  • Geodyne

    Absolutely loving it.

    3rd April 2009
  • I can hardly believe that is the same ball of wool! It looks stunning, how many of these do you hope to make?

    3rd April 2009

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