36) Having a Bad Key Day

Seriously, how does this sort of thing happen?


Also, I was dashing out of the house this morning – always behind in the mornings these days – and couldn't use my car key.  Because it had threaded itself through the top of my bike key.  That would be that little hole right there:


You'll notice how the hole is barely wider than, and not much thicker than, the business end of the car key to the left.  How??  You can bet it didn't want to come out again.

I seem to be able to tangle headphones simply by picking them up (or putting them down) and electrical cables of any kind automatically knot themselves when they enter my presence.  Why, then, do I spend a significant amount of my spare time playing with various kinds of string?

Speaking of which, it sounds like the rest of you like my new square, too!  :)  To answer Tempewytch, I'm making a blanket with them, probably for use on the sofa, so I need quite a few.  The original used 24 blocks, but her's were 8 stripes high, and mine are only 6.  I guess I need to measure the sofa and work it out, really.  Oh – and I'd like to full the squares gently before making up the blanket, too, to avoid dog claws getting caught in it (for the benefit of all concerned).  That will shrink it slightly, but not TOOO much.

The next one has, in fact, already been cast on…  I *think* it's the second half of the ball that made Square 1, and is mostly orange/red/purple colours – the madder spectrum, and not quite so vibrant as this photo makes them appear:


I do like being able to knit at my desk.

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