45) Rip back and rib?


I can't get rid of the idea that Eloise should have ribbing at the cuffs.  The body pieces have really deep ribbing:


The sleeves, however, are pure reverse stockinette, from cuff to sleeve cap.  So of course, the hem rolls, but, being reverse stockinette, it rolls under:


I can't help feeling that lovely, deep ribbing, echoing the body pieces, would look so much more awesome.  There are no photos of the cuffs in the booklet that this pattern comes from; this is pretty much cause for suspicion in and of itself.

There are multiple project photos on Ravelry, including some whose creators *have* added ribbing to the bottom of the sleeve.  All of them look nice, though there is a distinct dearth of *modelled* shots.

J thinks that a deep ribbing would look 'stupid' and prefers the idea of a sweatshirt-depth ribbing, to which I say 'eww'.

So, I'm not sure.  Rip and reknit this paltry partial sleeve?  Or bull onwards with the design as written?


  • I hate to rip, but I think sleeves need something around the bottom. And a big turn-back cuff would be great, if you have the yarn for the extra length. And, tee hee, it’ll be you ripping and not me, so I’m wholeheartedly in favour of this idea!
    ps, the picture of the back of the sweater is brownish, and the sleeve is pinkish…

    24th April 2009
  • Hmmm I think it would look better with a long rib cuff – sorry!

    24th April 2009
  • Yup, I’d rip it and rib it.

    24th April 2009
  • Well, this is odd… I thought I’d left a comment, but apparently I did not.
    I am agreeing that ripping back and ribbing a cuff will make you happiest with the sweater in the long run.
    And to let you know that I recommended/nominated your blog on my blog last week!

    29th April 2009

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