47) Square dance

The latest Lizard Ridge square (square 5):


This is the second entire square I've managed to get out of the first ball, and there's still some yarn left! It's sibling is this one.  It's weird that I easily got two squares out of this ball, but I had to make up the weight from a different ball for this second square.

That blue-green in the top right hand corner is the next one – cast on but so far unknitted.  This is the second half of the ball from my second square.  Since I used some of this skein for the make-weight just mentioned, it will be interesting to see how far the yarn goes on this square.

Of course, I could just assume that there won't be enough, and insert the leftover purple from this square in the middle of this new one…


  • Looking good! How many of these are you hoping to make and when do you hope to join them together?

    29th April 2009
  • Purdy. 🙂

    6th May 2009

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