Textiles in Focus: teh awesumz

Today has been such a long day.  Twelve hours ago, I was panicking madly, because my (usually very staid and dependable) wallet had gone missing.  That’s bank cards, credit card, driver’s licence, RAC card, about 50 quid and sundry loyalty cards and other personal items. Vanished.

Twelve hours ago, I was an hour behind schedule.  Half an hour after that, I had found my wallet, told J he could return to work (because he was en route home to look for it himself, bless him), and had actually made it to Textiles in Focus, where I had planned to arrive a full 90 minutes earlier.  I was still pricing goods after the doors opened, but to make up for it, I’d made my first sale before the doors actually opened, so it all balances out.

I have one photo:

Yarnscape's first stand

Yarnscape’s first stand

Though I know others took some more!  I look kinda dazed, don’t I?  And not just because of the vent grill sticking out of my head. This was taken around mid-afternoon (thank you, Scarlet!) and by that time, I was feeling the hit of the adrenaline, the conversation, the mad fibre-frenzies that happen between and before class sessions…  It was awesome!!  I never feel so alive as when I get to spend a day around other fibre-folk, chatting and listening, inspiring and being inspired.  Sharing knowledge.

Oh!  And I almost sold out of drop spindles, so I’ve spent the evening making a few more.  Batts and roving are also disappearing fast (I guess that we have both spinners and felters attending, so the market for them is doubled!).  I will try and make up some more batts for tomorrow and Sunday, but when the roving’s gone it’s gone…  At least for this show!

But now, I’m gonna finish my glass of wine and head to bed.  Because tomorrow, I get to do it all over again.  (Except, I hope, the bit with the wallet).  Sleep well!


  • Laura

    Congratulations! Sounds like a fine day all round.


    19th February 2010
  • crafty pam

    Visited your stand twice yesterday ( Saturday)
    needless to say bought loads – mostly aran and DK. My friend and I both commented on how well laid out your stand was and a lovely way to view the yarn and fibres. Did not know you existed until Textiles in Focus but will spread the word.

    21st February 2010
  • Liz

    It all looked wonderful and entirely worth the effort; am enjoying my fibrey purchases…

    22nd February 2010
  • mum4d

    It looks brilliant. You should be justly proud of your efforts. I love the labels, and your stand 'banner'.

    5th March 2010
  • […] Textiles in Focus has been and gone; it was, of course, awesome.  And, equally of course, I had no time (and insufficient presence of mind) to take photographs during the event.  All I’ve got for you is a setup-time shot of the stall (which looks suspiciously similar to last year’s layout): […]

    1st March 2011

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