72) Changing it up

TypePad, apparently, is changing.

There is an all-new TypePad interface, which I am currently using to compose this entry.  There are elements of this I definitely like, and elements which, well, I may not.

There has also been a major change to the comments, which I do not like.  Instead of being sent by private email, any replies I make to my comments are now posted direct to the blog comments – and not sent to the original commenter at all.  I could rant about this for a long time, but Norma has already said it better than I ever could.  I may have found a workaround, but I don't think I like that, either.

In a strange, ironic twist, I actually moved to TypePad because I hated not being able to reply to comments on Blogger.

Even more ironically, the word "TypePad" is not recognised by TypePad's spell checking mechanism.


  • I noticed the comments feature on a couple of blogs this morning after the long weekend. Silly! Add my vote to the “not like” column.

    8th September 2009
  • I only found this out yesterday as well, not very helpful at all. I’m currently just copying the email and pasting it into the sender’s address. Good job I hadn’t bitched about anyone!

    9th September 2009

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