73) Fibre Clubs

As I may have mentioned, I joined SweetGeorgia's fibre club fairly recently, and received my first 'installment' two weeks ago.  I decided to spin it according to the suggestion on the packet – a fractal two-ply – and finished the first half, spun as long, slow colour sections, at Rampton, last Saturday…


…then came home and spun up the second half, into shorter, choppier colour changes on the same day.


Plying, however, had to wait until Tuesday, and winding till Wednesday…


…but I still think this is some kind of record for me.  Ten days from the fibre hitting the house to finished yarn!

I have about 190m of somewhat-chunky two ply, though I do want to wash it and see how it settles after that treatment.  I really do like the way the colours have mixed and blended, and the shine on this stuff is luscious.  That'll be the silk and bamboo, then.

My original plan for this yarn was fingerless mitts/gauntlets, but I'm not really sure it'll stand up to the rigours of hand-wear for long.  It has relatively little bounce and I don't think it'll be very abrasion resistant.  Someone at Rampton was trying to persuade me to leave it as singles, and use it for a shawl.  I resisted like crazy, because I already had A Plan, godsdammit, and because I'd already put way-y-y too much twist into the singles for them ever to be stable anyway.  Mind you, I kinda wish I'd thought of that beforehand.

But that's OK, because….


I now have the first delivery from my *other* fibre club, Grafton Fibers!  More on this later, hopefully, but I'm thinking low-twist, softly fulled singles from *this* batt.  And a shawl.


  • A shawl would be lovely, but could you also spin the green to the same size as the firey-reddy-orangey-goldy one and use the two together? Both look very scrumptious!

    11th September 2009
  • That’s pretty. There’s a really nice sheen to it.
    Love the Grafton batt.

    9th October 2009

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