74) Again with the blending! Also, comments.

Remember the grey?  It's happened again:


But more colourful.

Inspiration for this year's Rampton challenge has finally struck.  We're supposed to be blending this little lot:


Then creating a bag out of it.  And we're supposed to be finished by November.

The inspiration has really been a long time coming.  Last year, I b!tched that I don't really *do* scarves.  Well, I don't really do bags, either.  And the colours??  Ewwww.  OK, I know we're supposed to be blending them, and colour blending is some serious magic, but… not inspiring.

Recently, though, I've been seeing a lot of colour gamps around.  Well, heyyy…

So, the plan is: blend fibre into rainbow hues.  Weave colour-gamp yardage (hence extending the colour blending theme further). Make bag.

This rocks, because weaving is faster than knitting, and I'm seriously late starting.  Also rockin' the show is my drum carder, because it's a heck of a lot faster than hand carders.  A heck of a lot faster.  And it still took me upwards of four hours to card up this lot.

Still, though, it's magic, right? (confession time: the yellowest yellow is a cheat, from another pack, and I haven't used the white at all).


Oh – and Typepad fixed the comment issue!!  It's not back as it was, but it's workable.  I believe TheNorma is almost singlehandedly to blame responsible.  Yayyyy TheNorma!


  • This just proves that I need a drum carder. My blending was not so blendy. I’ve decided to name it a ‘feature’ of my design and be done with it, because it took forever. I’m currently just under half way through my spinning.

    12th September 2009
  • Gah, forgot what I originally meant to say. I love the way the colours that you’ve blended look.

    12th September 2009
  • Woo hoo, you made a start! And put my efforts to shame, naturally. I just *love* what you’ve done with the rainbow.
    I’d hoped to start warping up for the bag this weekend, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ll get there in time though, even though it’s almost certain I’m not going to physically make the November meeting.

    12th September 2009
  • I’m really impressed to see how the colours have blended. I’ve got a drum carder sitting in its box, I should drag it out sometime and have a go at this.

    20th September 2009
  • Good luck with the weaving Ota – hopefully it will not take you too long!

    21st September 2009

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