Set-up day

No desk for me today – it’s set-up day for Textiles In Focus!!  None of my photos capture the joy I feel in this stall, not the ones of the sign (painted this morning, no less):

Nor those featuring the yummy display stands I just *had* to have:

Nor those featuring the ‘blue’ section:

But this is all because I am still a totally lame photographer.  I am so, so happy with the way this stall looks; I just wish I could capture it in all its glory for those of you who can’t make it to the venue!

I’m still slightly worried I won’t have enough stock for three days, though.


  • Mary deB

    I hadn't looked at this blog before! Wow, have a blast and break a leg and, if you don't have enough stock, doesn't that just mean people will have *bought* all your stuff, and isn't that just what you want? Yes, indeed! Wish I was there…

    19th February 2010
  • Rosie

    I can vouch that the stall looks even better in real life. And the batt I bought (in the embers colourway) is a thing of true loveliness. I may have to cave in and buy some of your mohair blend sometime soon, too, if you do have any left.

    19th February 2010
  • TextileAddict

    I'm so looking forward to seeing your stall tomorrow – well done for a great display. Hope you haven't sold everything today!!

    19th February 2010
  • callybooker

    I think the vent-look is rather fetching! And the yarn/roving/etc display is absolutely mouthwatering. Hope day 2 has been alarum-free.

    20th February 2010

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