76) All spun up

The lovely, blended rainbow I blogged about three weeks ago has become a lovely spun rainbow:


I'm really proud of myself for getting it all spun up so promptly, and also of Woody for being such an awesome yarn-model.  Marnie's pups (especially Panda) are so hilariously accommodating in this regard, I just had to try it for myself.

I've only just noticed I've got the two rightmost skeins of yarn the wrong way round.  *How* I managed to take a photo like that without noticing, I've no idea.


Next phase: wash and block the yarn, then warp up the loom and weave!  I'd love to have the loom warped by the end of the week, which pretty much means I need to wash the yarn tonight.  But I haven't managed that, because I've been cooking soup.  It's soup season again!!  Tonight's special: Spinach, lentil and yoghurt.  Yarn blocking tomorrow, then.

There has been a lot of spinning round here lately; far more spinning than knitting, truth be told.  Katarina has been finished and worn, and even got her final blocking yesterday, and I have swatched for and started a new project (a variation on Moor [that's a Rav link, folks], from Rowan's "Yorkshire Fable").  But the knit-lust is notably absent.  The long, pressing queue of Things I Must Knit seems to have evaporated.  The Things I Must Sew list is even shorter.

I'm cool with this.  I think I have sufficient sweaters – or at least, enough that it's not worth starting a new project without thinking how it's going to fit into my wardrobe.  I do need some new skirts/trousers/shirts, but again, I need a Plan first.

Recently, I have been thinking more and more about self-sufficiency. Sufficiency, as in 'sufficient'.  Enough.  I don't need a wardrobe stuffed to the gills with sweaters, however well made they are.  Stashing vast quantities of yarn that I don't have an immediate need for is not in line with my light-consumer ideals.  I am currently losing weight (there!  I said it!); with any luck, I'll be down to my pre-shingles weight by Christmas, and maybe my optimum weight by my birthday in March next year.  It doesn't seem like a good idea to invest loads of time into tailored garments that I'm going to grow too small for in a matter of months;it certainly isn't a good idea to make garments that are currently too small in the hopes that they'll fit correctly 'eventually'.

I'm certainly not going to stop knitting any time soon (or spinning, or weaving!), but I think this might be a good time to think about what I want to achieve, as well as how I want to be spending my time.

Meanwhile, isn't Woody a doll??



  • Geodyne

    He is such a doll! Absolutely glamorous.
    You and I are on the same page when it comes to sufficiency. Besides, our little house is full! Oddly, I was making soup last night as well, for tonight’s dinner. Mine was minestrone, to use the giant beans that grew while we were away and make the most of the glorious abundance coming out of the garden at the moment.
    I also failed utterly in my quest to get my challenge bag warped up over the weekend. I’ll post about that eventually.

    6th October 2009
  • That is soo pretty! It’ll be interesting to see it all woven together.
    I am trying to downsize my stash, which I think was never as big as yours, mainly because I want to start fresh, and not think “what can I make with this yarn” but find a yarn and a pattern that work together from the beginning… if you know what I mean. I’ve made blankets and scarves out of odd balls, and still don’t seem to have made a dent in the stash. Maybe you are “sustainable” because you won’t need to buy yarn ever again, and you’ll be knitting with Magpie Aran for ever…. Which can’t really be a bad thing…
    Oh, I’ll stop blathering…

    7th October 2009

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