77) Getting to the good bits

I knew, with certainty, what I wanted to start knitting once I'd finished Katarina.  Moor, from the now-discontinued Yorkshire Fable collection, by Rowan:

(because everyone in Yorkshire wanders around with coal on their face.  hrrmph.)

I had the also-discontinued Yorkshire Tweed -well, three colours, anyway – in a slightly warmer set of colours than used for this sample – cream, chocolate and a slate grey.  Not much cream, but an awful lot of the chocolate, and -hmmm- this is actually a four-colour design.

I've got plenty of felted tweed left from my gathered pullover, though, and that's close to the same gauge.  Close enough, anyway, and that heathery purple is awesome with the browns and greys.  Very subtle!

The first swatch was a definite failure; I tried my hardest to use the colours in an arrangement suggested by how much I had of each, since most of this stuff is discontinued now, but It Didn't Work.  So much of a failure, I didn't even photograph it.  RRRrrrrriiiip.

The second one, though; the second one is a definite 'win'

(loving it)

However, I don't have enough cream yarn to risk this colourway in the pattern as written.

In an attempt to use less cream, I have drastically cut back on the width of the band that uses the cream as a background, and I'm also knitting a much deeper ribbed hem than the pattern calls for, so there will be less of the patterned area to begin with.  I tried flattening out the zigzags at the border of the white band, too – you can see that in the lower border of the swatch – but I didn't like that so much, so the zigzags are back in.

Also also, I'm radically altering the neckline to a fairly deep scoop, as inspired by someone else on Ravelry who did exactly the same thing; Naganasu's Moor can be seen here, if you have a Rav login.

Even less patterned area.  Also, a garment that will be much, much more flattering for me, and *great* to wear over a shirt for work.

Think I'll make it?  I still don't know, either.

The cast on was a bear; I'm converting this to knitting in the round, and despite my best efforts, I twisted it first time round, and only realised after I'd knit a couple of centimetres.  If I'm honest, I probably realised after the first centimetre, but was in total denial for a few more rows.

Then, four inches of ribbing felt like an eternity.  I've been itching for a project that isn't just mindless knitting; something to pay attention to, and 2×2 rib ain't it.  This is the first time I've felt like colourwork since finishing my Dad's sweater, nearly 2 years ago, so I realllly wanted to get back to it.

And finally, after that teaser of a swatch…

(4" of 2×2 rib)

I'm ready for the good stuff.


  • Oh, that is going to look great as a vest!!!!

    13th October 2009
  • ruth

    what’s with the mud on his face? (ps i’ve had the baby)

    13th October 2009

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