78) Warped!


After realising on Wednesday night that my planned warp would make a bag wide enough for me to sit in…


…I hastily re-did all the maths and made a more sensible plan.


I left the calculations to 'mature' for 24 hours before I triple-checked them…


…then got to winding my warp, with only one interruption for a dodgy bit of spinning, right at the beginning.


2 hours later, the warp is wound, sleyed, beamed, tied on andr eady to go!


Rigid heddle looms are so quick to set up!  And can you tell I love this warp??


  • Get out of town it looks like we’re starting the same project! Well almost, I’m starting a huck lace (rigid heddle pick up) colour gamp! I’m going to make a shawl on my new to me (arrive soon from another weaver in the US) 32″ Kromski Harp! If I have enough left after weaving the shawl I might see if I can eek out a bag too! I also love my rigid heddles for their fast warping. The new loom also comes with a book I don’t already have in my collection on using multiple heddle on a rigid heddle loom. You’re welcome to come browse through it or borrow it after it actually arrives! Love, J:)

    16th October 2009
  • Can’t wait to see what happens next! And this almost makes me want to take up spinning — you *made* that yarn!! Very cool, I must say!

    17th October 2009
  • Geodyne

    It’s. glorious!!!!!
    I got most of my warp beamed on Saturday – and then the garden got in the way. Finish tonight, with a bit of luck. And a lot of blogging to catch up on.

    19th October 2009

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