79) Potato-chip knitting

Moor is providing me with the most entertainment and relaxation recently.  I'm not forging ahead at super-productive knitterly rates, but I have completed the first repeat of the pattern:


…and I estimate that I will need to complete slightly more than one more repeat before I start the neck steek.  After that, it should positively *fly* along, because the neck is quite wide and deep.

Last time I was doing stranded colourwork, it was a real race against the clock to finish in time for Christmas.  In fact, I didn't quite manage it, but it was such a focused effort that I even kept a spreadsheet to track my progress against the necessary stitches-per-day for success.  I do like a challenge, particularly if other people think it's 'impossible', but this time, I get to relax and really *enjoy* it.  And I find it remarkably difficult to put down.  "Just one more row" is so compelling when each row is slightly different.  And even though I'm knitting in the round at a relatively small gauge, the rows don't seem to take all that long to complete.


The few 'rest' rows, which are only one colour, fly by.

I foresee more of these kinds of projects in my future.


  • Geodyne

    It’s absolutely *gorgeous*! I can understand why you find it so compelling.
    …I do hope this isn’t slowing down your weaving efforts? I’ve finally managed to get mine warped and sampled. Weaving is imminent.

    23rd October 2009
  • Ooooh, lovely!

    23rd October 2009

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