80) Eye candy Sunday

I'm actually visiting my folks this weekend, but since I'm so behind on blogging, I thought I'd do a little post-ahead…

The weaving on my Rampton project is about 75% done, and it should take no more than another evening to get it off the loom completely.

Copy of DSC04280

This photo totally doesn't do it justice, though I have to say that, in some ways, I loved the warp more!  I did have plans to weave a lining for this bag, but I don't know that I'll have time, realistically.  Maybe it can be retro-fitted to the 'finished' bag once I'm done – we'll see!


  • Oh I am so jealous! I’ve just gotten my colour gamp on the kite sticks, well all but the blue and I’m waiting for the rose that was backordered to come in. Well I’m also waiting for the loom to come in as well! You’ll have to keep an eye on mine at blog.thepurplelotus.org, as I’m doing the pick up huck lace, which will give spots of true colours. Perhaps not ideal for a bag, but I’m think it should make a really fun shawl!
    I totally love yours! You’ll get tons of comments on the shuttle moves ravelry group I’m sure. Did you use the same weft colour order as the warp? Just curious.

    25th October 2009
  • Geodyne

    Yum. Yumyumyumyumyum!!!

    26th October 2009
  • I’m impressed by your handspun yarn, I’d better keep practicing. I’m only just starting to spin a fine enough yarn for a useful warp. How many wpi is your yarn? I peered at the enlarged photo and it looks like it is not only fine and evenly spun, but also plied.

    26th October 2009
  • ruth

    I really like that!

    28th October 2009

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