81) Off the loom!

Another real 'quickie' today; I cut the bag fabric off the loom this morning!


I brought it to work today, and will be knotting the warp ends at lunchtime so I can safely wet-finish it tonight, and start sewing up the bag at the weekend.

I would have finished a day earlier, but due to my own stinginess I ran into two problems….  Firstly, I tried to use the dodgy bit of yarn at the end of the ball for one of the warp stripes, and it gave out when I had about 10cm left to weave.  And secondly, I didn't *quite* put enough warp on the loom to give me the fabric length I wanted.  I got there in the end, but was reduced to needle-weaving for the last few rows, because my shuttle wouldn't fit through the remaining shed any more!


And finally: an apology.  I have been unbelievably remiss in replying to comments and keeping in touch generally, recently.  I no longer have regular access to my personal email at work (though sometimes I sneak a peek), and combined with the recent Typepad comment-weirdness, a new job, the fact that the last thing I want to do after sitting in front of a computer all day is boot up my laptop when I get home, and just Life In General, I have been pants.  I am just about managing to work, walk the dogs, feed myself and J, and occasionally play with wool in my minimal downtime.  Sometimes I go for a run, or brew beer.  I have about 300 posts to read in Google Reader.  I owe so many people blog comments, emails and/or phonecalls, it's just not true.  I'm sorry.  All I can say is, "Be glad you're not coming to stay with me any time soon", because the astute will have noticed that 'housework' did not feature anywhere on that little list.

And I *will*, at some point, get back to you.


  • Um… WOW!

    29th October 2009
  • That looks so joyful!

    29th October 2009
  • I hope the job is going well and is suitably rewarding for something taking up so much time 😉

    30th October 2009
  • Wow, with the internet miraculously reinstating itself this morning I’ve only just seen this. It’s absolutely glorious!

    1st November 2009
  • I love the colors. So cheerful.
    And I especially love that Typepad had decided to let me leave comments again! Yay! I’m glad to, that you’re able to do some blog visiting again. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but that’s okay too.

    1st November 2009
  • Nice! 🙂

    2nd November 2009

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