86) D is for…

Dammit, dammit!

OK, this one might take some explaining.

Anyone who is interested in thinking about thinking, overcoming obstacles and wacky self-discovery methods might also be interested in reading Havi's blog.  Recently, she introduced the concept of a 'dammit list' – sort of a cross between a personal manifesto and an affirmation/reminder of internal truths.  It's called a dammit list because the kind of sentences that go on the list tend to be ones that can profitably be ended with a firm 'dammit!'.  Like, "I deserve a job that makes me feel good about myself, dammit!", or, "I only travel by train when I can get cheap first class tickets, dammit!".  I love the idea, but haven't really put any thought into a list of my own.

Last night, a 'dammit' arrived spontaneously:

I get to choose what lives in my studio, dammit!

Which sounds obvious, but is actually a bit of a revelation.  My studio is full.  My studio is so full, I don't like to work in it.  In fact, calling it a studio is a bit misleading; it's more of a storeroom, really.  And given that my studio is actually the largest bedroom in the house, it seems rather a shame:


My studio is full of materials and equipment for projects which haven't happened.  Perhaps I just got over-enthusiastic (hellooo, yarn stash, I'm looking at you!) – or perhaps it was a 'business idea' that never materialised (which would account for all the corsetry fabric, and the dancewear fabric in the loft, too.  Yeah).  Perhaps I *think* I'm interested in pursuing some of these crafts, but I'm not, really (quilting?).  Maybe some of the equipment just intimidates me (yes, knitting machine, I see you lurking there…)  Until recently, it also contained a whole bunch of stuff that the 'house' needs but which, really, has no place in my studio.  Fortunately, the filing cabinet and all the gift wrapping supplies have already moved out, probably in disgust.

If I whittled down my supplies, I might actually have room for a … floor loom?  Perhaps?  Shall I check in again in a month, and let you know how it's going?

D is also for DONE.  Our total window and door refit is finished!!  I now have a red front door, full double glazing, and no draughty patio window.  It's *brilliant*, and I'd recommend the company we went with in a heartbeat.  I would show photographic evidence, but some other members of this household have privacy issues.  (Those hounds.  So fussy!)

Also, tomorrow is the day we get to show off our challenge projects with the Rampton Spinners group, so that needs to be Done, too.  I had better get seaming…



  • Go for it! I’ve just been having a sort out and clear out and now I can walk to my worktable and sit down at it!!! this is a considerable achievement and I love it. I can start a new project now.
    If you could make space for a floor loom that could be lots of fun 😉 The Louet looms are very compact.

    8th November 2009
  • Excellent!! Being able to sit at worktables and occupy studios has to be a Really Good Thing.
    As for looms, Im pondering the Leclerc Artisat. It folds, has a weaving width of 36, comes in four or eight shaft versions (and can be converted from four to eight), and, at its smallest, will easily fit where my current shelves-o-stuff live. Its amazing how much more willing to part with stuff I am if a loom will be taking its place…
    Blog: http://yarninmypocket.typepad.com
    Ravelry: yarninmypocketSCA: Alys de Witeby

    8th November 2009

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