90) H – hosting, or huff, or How Do I…?

Yesterday was nearly 'G for Grumpy'.

I'm back to the perennial issue of blogging software.  A couple of years ago I came over to TypePad from Blogger because I was fed up of not being able to reply to people who had left comments on my blog.

Recently, TypePad has messed up its own comments system, and despite putting in a workaround for us vocal knitblogger types, it's still messing with my head.  I know I keep sending replies out into the wild blue yonder, but I don't know how often, or to whom.  I certainly don't expect people to keep coming back to my blog to find out if I've replied to their comment or not – who's got time for that nonsense? – yet that is where comments keep going, unless I keep right on top of things.  And I don't.  I just don't.

Since then, I've noticed that when I leave comments using my TypePad OpenID thingy, my name pops up as 1ef48ed86ac5 or something like.  Not friendly.

Yesterday, I happened to notice that my then-most-recent post had three comments – hang on, I've only received email notification of one!  What's up with that?  Nope, not in my spam folder.  Just Not There.

I pay for TypePad.  Blogger is free.  I want to be able to reply to people who comment on my blog, and for those people to actually receive my replies.  I want to be able to comment on other people's blogs, preferably in such a way that I don't look too much like a spammer with a fake name, and so that the recipient of the comment can also reply, should they wish to do so.  I don't want to have to smear my email address all over the internet in plain text, or ask commenters on my site to do so, because I think we probably all receive enough spam already as it is.

So what to do?  Why is this so difficult?  Do other people find that this is a real bugbear, or am I just being dumb?  I would love, over the next few months, to pick a blog platform, get it running just the way I like, migrate all my old posts to it, and stay there.


  • Can’t help you, I’m afraid. I did notice a comment by you and wonder why your name was now 543598345908… Well, I wouldn’t have known it was you till I clicked on the weird name just to see!
    Blogger’s also gone and upgraded something so that it is more tricky to stick your own html in the sidebar etc. They’re always messing with something.
    I liked the garden post! I’m looking forward to your whirly cauliflower!

    13th November 2009
  • When I receive an email notification of a comment, I don’t reply, just click on the email address in the comment. I do have to remember to change my email address to the blog email address (it defaults to my main email address, which is not the knitting one). I’ve not checked to see if I’m missing any comments though!

    13th November 2009

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