91) I, I, impossible I…

I is for 'impossibility'.  I've been trying to organise my studio over the last week.  I'd love to be able to fit a floor loom in there – one that has at least a 36 inch weaving width, and preferably more than four shafts.

I realise this is a desperately affluent problem to have, but… I just have too much stuff!  I'm destashing like mad on eBay (there's loads of Jamieson's Soft Shetland up there right now, plus some fabrics; more to come!) but I still have so much stuff that I can't bring myself to get rid of, it's going to take me at least five years to work through it!  And that's without buying a new loom.

I wouldn't mind so much, but I really don't have room to store all this stuff.  And it seems that if I *did* have enough room, I'd just buy more stuff until I had exactly the same level of overflow problem yet again.

I've moved just about all my business-related materials out of the room (and realised that yes, I have a lot of hand-dyed yarn to sell).  I've rationalized yarn, fabrics and patterns fiercely.  I've moved most of my books downstairs to the bookshelves.  I've managed to get the big, silver shelves visible in the photo from last week moved out of my studio and into the shed, which is a good start.  And my desk still looks like this:


Arrgh.  And the inspirations, they won't stop coming.  A few things have become clear, though:

  • I need to keep an inspirations notebook, not just buy the materials for every new project or hobby that takes my fancy.
  • I need to finish up more projects, so I can actually get them out of my studio.
  • I need to remember that I *hate* having to sell on stuff I've bought and never used.  It's far easier, and cheaper, not to buy the stuff in the first place.
  • I need something like a laundry basket to corral all the odd things that don't have homes in my studio. 
  • Then I need to deal with the things in the basket, before the basket overflows.
  • I need to keep dealing with this stuff, because, even if it's really frustrating right now, it won't go away if I ignore it.
  • Or if I ignore the causes of it.
  • I need to not keep stuff out of guilt or obligation.  That way, I might have the materials to hand to start the projects I really want to work on.

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