93) Kracking Krokbragd, Grommit!

So after extensive re-organisation of the studio, I spent a good chunk of yesterday figuring out how to weave Krokbragd on a rigid heddle loom, with two heddles:


My word, I think I've got it!!

Krokbragd is a weft-faced weave woven on three shafts.  Just like with the 2-1 twill I experimented with a while ago, a rigid heddle loom with two heddles on it has three shafts.  A 'regular' loom needs a harness for every shaft it uses; the rigid heddle gets an extra one for free, because the threads that pass through the holes in the heddle can be pushed down as well as pulled up, leaving the threads in the slots behind.  With two heddles, a thread can pass through slots alone (let's call this shaft 1), through the front hole and the back slot (shaft 2), or through the front slot and the back hole (shaft 3). 

Krokbragd is threaded on a four-thread repeat, over the three shafts, in a pattern that repeats 1-2-3-2.  That looks like this on our rigid heddle threading:


Use a 1-2-3 lifting pattern, and you get something like this:


  Which doesn't look an awful lot like the first picture, does it?  Well, my lovelies, that will have to wait for another day.


  • You have to come teach me how this works! It’s the one weaving technique I’ve not managed to figure out from a book! 🙂

    17th November 2009
  • Geodyne

    You clever woman, it sounded like you had it figured out! I’m truly impressed.
    I plan to be weaving my krokbragd rug this weekend.

    17th November 2009
  • I love this! I know it’s slow weaving but the result is visually fascinating. Good color choice too.
    P.S. Typepad has been fussy lately and hasn’t been letting me comment. Again. I sincerely hope this comment “takes!”

    18th November 2009
  • Mara

    Neat! What yarns are you using for the warp / weft?

    5th February 2010

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