All About the Labels

I finally finished dyeing and re-winding all my yarns and fibres for Textiles In Focus over the weekend, so now it’s all about the labelling:


I’m really, really pleased with how my labels have turned out.  Somehow, packaging up and labelling everything makes it feel as if it’s all coming together, and transforms all these ‘bits and pieces’ that I’ve been staring at over the last two months into ‘real products’.  It’s completely magic!

I’m not normally a ‘sparkly’ person, but I’m *so* in love with my sparkly batts:

Producing these is just so much fun!  Oh – and can you stand the cute??

These are little 3 g bundles of silk hankies.  Three grams of silk can go a seriously long way, in case you were wondering…


  • Janet

    Those labels are GRATE. Probably a good job I'm not anywhere near you and your Textiles in Focus, as I would find those silk & sparkly bats sooo hard to resist if confronted with them face to face – hard enough over the interwebs!

    16th February 2010
  • Laura

    Packaging and labelling takes an enormous amount of time. 🙁 I'm doing much the same getting ready for Fibres West the end of March.

    Good luck at the show!

    16th February 2010

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