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My thanks go to Kate Moss for the topical nature of this post.

For anyone even more news-deprived than I am, she is currently being lambasted for 'promoting anorexia', after stating a motto of, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".  I have seriously mixed feelings on this issue.  I'm not a great fan of the woman, not at all, but…

She's working in an industry that 'discovered' her and rewarded her for her prepubescent figure when she was, let's face it, prepubescent.  The industry has made her rich and famous, and it's pretty much all she knows.  It's also basically her job description to stay thin, and that's going to skew anybody's perspective.

She didn't invent the line; it originally belonged to a large, professional weight-loss organisation1.  As a slogan for people who have emotional eating issues and who would like to stop being overweight, it's a powerful, positive motivator, and if more people in this world remembered that giving up a small
pleasure now can lead to greater happiness later on, there would be a
lot less debt, envy, misery and suffering.

I don't want people to aspire to being 'thin' or 'skinny', admittedly.  Both words imply 'underweight', to me – unhealthy and unattractive.  I would far rather people aimed for 'slim' or 'healthy'.  But then, so few people know what 'healthily slim' looks like now. 

Expecting a supermodel to be a good role model?  Whose problem is that?

1 yes, I know it's a statement espoused by pro-anorexia sites and so-called 'thinspiration' sites, but I *only* know that because of these news stories.


  • ruth

    me feels the word ‘super’ in supermodel is a little misplaced.. what’s there to be super about, when you’re that thin, and as you say – have to stay thin, cos it’s what you’re paid to do. I thank my mother for giving me curves!

    21st November 2009
  • Absolutely! I do think its absolutely terrifying that grown women are trying to make themselves look like pre-teens. Sometimes, I think corsetry was less damaging, but thats a whole other rant! At least the Victorians were in favour of a mature figure.
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    21st November 2009
  • Also, they’re just wrong, aren’t they. I mean raspberries, for instance, or Stilton or Yorkshire pudding… I can think of a zillion things that taste better than being built like a stick insect!

    29th November 2009
  • Well, yes.
    Dammit, I want raspberries now, and its not as if its really the right season for them…
    Blog: http://yarninmypocket.typepad.com
    Ravelry: yarninmypocket
    SCA: Alys de Witeby

    30th November 2009

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