98) P: Panic, or Possibly Pneumonia, or Planet, fallen-off-of-the-face-of

OK, my alphabet challenge isn't goign to be finished in a month.  Surpriiise!

I've started a few P-posts, about post offices, parcels, postage, packaging (as in, excessive), but they were all snarky and snide and not really 'me', so I binned 'em.

I'd got stuck on 'P', so I was pouty and petulant and peeved.  And I've spent the last few days feeling slightly panicky – though it's nothing to do with silly alphabet challenges (or even Pyjamas!  Now, that would have been a good P…).

I'm a bit …ill-ish.  I really don't want to sound all dramatic, but I can't quite breathe properly.  My lungs are achey and feel 'clenched', somehow, and it seems there isn't quite as much oxygen in the air as there should be.  It feels like the symptoms of acute, panicky anxiety, and so in a fit of extreme conditioning, my emotions are following suit.  So I've been wandering around feeling anxious and sad and panicky, all because my lungs have led the way.

I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour, and I'm suspecting some sort of chest infection.  Pneumonia would fit the P-theme nicely, but the universe doesn't have to play along with quite such enthusiasm really.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue with the alphabet, but more slowly.  I was failing to keep up with the comments anyway.

Oh – and the person who found this blog by Googling "Can you do 4 shaft patterns on an 8 shaft loom?" – yes.  Yes, you certainly can!  🙂


  • Pshaw. Pooh. Pat-pat-pat.
    What I mean to say is, I hope everything is okay!

    25th November 2009
  • Oh dear! I hope you’ll recover quickly. Pneumonia is unpleasant but lots of rest works wonders.
    Get well soon!

    25th November 2009
  • That’s a horrible feeling. Hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

    25th November 2009
  • Oh no, not pneumonia! That’s a horrible “P” word. t least your sense of humor is doing quite well. 🙂

    29th November 2009
  • You didn’t mention this on Thursday morning. I’ve only just found out!!!
    Poo. 🙁

    30th November 2009

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