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I suppose this might – or might not – be a good time to admit that I have an 'official' stash and an 'unofficial' one.  Most of my cataloging attempts deal only with the 'official' portion of the stash.


Unofficial stash consists of, well… mostly bits and pieces.  It tends to arrive on cones, or as a free gift with something else.  I might pick it up in a charity shop, thinking "Oh, that'll be cool for…. something".


Unofficial stash tends not to have A Plan.


A Certain Person contributed heavily to my unofficial stash last week when she presented me with a large bag (and I *do* mean a *large* bag) of coned yarns which a friend of hers had salvaged from a skip(!) during a house clearance.  Apparently, the former owner of the yarns had been a keen machine knitter.


Scarlet had extracted the bits which interested her, and passed the rest on to me.

Some of these will definitely become official.  This cone, called 'Zanzibar', is soft, drapey, shimmery and just begging to be woven into a scarf:


Others will go towards practising my own machine knitting, and may possibly become whole projects:


Some are likely to go straight to a charity shop.  And others… will remain Unofficial for a while.



  • Geodyne

    OK, I’m drooling now.

    16th December 2009
  • that’s the sort of stuff I’d have to hold double or triple to knit with comfortably. I can see some wonderful combos in this batch!

    16th December 2009
  • Oh, theres plenty to share. Though some of it is 100% synthetic. Still fun, though!
    Grain will get you through times of no gold
    ~~better than~~
    gold will get you through times of no
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    17th December 2009
  • Youre not joking. I think most of it is slated for weaving, or machine knitting. Theres some nice stuff in there, but no *lovely* stuff, and Im not about to spend hours and hours knitting a garment on tiny needles unless I love absolutely everything about it…
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, by the way! This is the time of year when everything gets particularly hectic, so Ill take the opportunity to send Christmas greetings your way now, rather than take the risk of forgetting later…
    Grain will get you through times of no gold
    ~~better than~~
    gold will get you through times of no grain.
    Blog: http://yarninmypocket.typepad.comRavelry: yarninmypocket
    Weavolution: yarninmypocket

    17th December 2009

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