3) Zzzz…

It's the end of my first week back at work, and I am so, so tired!  I feel like I could sleep the whole weekend away, but that wouldn't be any fun, now, would it??

Speaking of sleeping, these guys are the experts:


And very versatile, too, it seems.  They can sleep with noses covered:


Or uncovered:


Curled up tight:


Or… not:


Woody has even mastered the very tricky tongue-out technique:


(though the flash has been known to wake him up):


As well as tail-over-the-nose:


And even, amazingly, hind-paw-over-the-nose (yess, well done Woody, but why??):


Gravity holds no fears for these brave hounds:


And, indeed, can help contribute to a free-draining position for those with sinus difficulties:


Though sometimes it is nice to prop your head up for a while:


Pillows are generally approved of in the house:


Blankets will do, if nothing els
e is available:


but most hounds will always head for the biggest, softest pile of squishness they can find:


It's safe to say, though, that everyone's favourite pillow is human-shaped!


…and so, with this snooze-themed post, we come to the end of my self-imposed alphabet challenge.  And I'm glad.

It's taken me two months, one week to work my way through, averaging one post every 2.5 days.  That's better than my 2009-year-average of one post every 3.45 days, but most of the extra posts were in November.  Once I gave up trying to finish it in a month, it made things harder instead of easier, and I stalled.  It's going to be nice just to be able to post what's on my mind again, without having to fit it around the next letter…


  • greyt pics! The same is happening here, hounds snuggled into blankies, couches and beds.

    8th January 2010
  • Those are hilarious! Perfect alphabet ending too. You did quite well, actually.

    9th January 2010
  • m

    Isn’t the hind paw over nose to block out the sight of the camera yet again?

    9th January 2010
  • Some smashing shots there – ours doesn’t so much sleep as escape *sigh*

    9th January 2010
  • That’s marvelous! My five year old looked at all the pictures and then said “I want one ‘a doze dogs.”

    11th January 2010
  • They are so funny! What gorgeous friends you have.

    11th January 2010
  • Ruth

    Lovely woof pics. And hello James!
    I like the alphabet blog challenge, and have started it on my blog, but certainly won’t be trying to do it in a month (I’ll be lucky to do it in a year!) x

    12th January 2010

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