6) Sunshine on a rainy day!

I heard a few days ago that Steph at Six Skeins Under had nominated me for the 'sunshine award', for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogging world.  Thank you so much, Steph, it definitely brought sunshine into a long, grey working week!


To accept this award, I must:

  • Put the logo on my blog or within a post (check);
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers (see below);
  • Link the nominees within your post (also see below);
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog (will do!);
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award!  (Steph! Thanks!)

So.  Twelve is quite a big number.  Let's see…

  • First, we have to honour Toni.  Anyone who can commit to a year of no processed foods, or to finishing 100 projects in a year is a *lot* of fun.  This is a woman who is on her third year of 'cold sheeping' (no new yarn), and still can't get the yarn closet door closed.  And let's not forget cat hydrotherapy, or dehydrating bacon.  In short, it doesn't matter whether you choose her 'everyday' blog (linked above) or her knitting one, inspiration and hilarity are sure to be the results.
  • Secondly, Mary at Knitting on the Cam.  Mary is one of the relatively few bloggers that I have the privilege to know in 'real' life.  Sometimes, it seems that just about everyone in American knit-blogging circles knows each other, but the UK just isn't like that.  I love Mary's joyful approach to colour, life and the universe, and though it isn't the same as seeing her every Friday for lunch and a beer or two, I always look forwards to her blog posts.
  • Speaking of folks I know in real life, there's Sarah at Carpe Diem!  I think I am in danger of becoming a Sarah-stalker, but I love spending time at her blog, and in her company.  Her enthusiasm is both legendary and infectious, for spinning, knitting (lace!) and life in general.  I don't think I know anyone who can talk to her without coming away uplifted.
  • Tien.  I'm not sure there's much more I can say here: the woman is weaving, designing and sewing her own wedding dress, complete with coat.  By 'designing', I include the fabric design.  Yes.
  • Leigh!  Not just fantastic fibre-works, but her five-acre dream.  One day, I too will have a dream that big.  With chickens.  And goats.
  • Sustainability/self sufficiency are increasing concerns for me of late.  So, it's no surprise that as well as Leigh's blog, I love Geodyne's blog on the same subject.  Of course, she's also a spinner and weaver (and a nascent knitter, too).
  • Monty leads the kind of life I would like to live if I lived in London.  She is so busy, so involved with the whole knitting/making scene, it makes me just a little bit jealous.  Not to mention her glorious designs!
  • And Dawn…  What can I say except… productivity!  I rest my case.
  • Janet, I'm afraid, hasn't been around for a while (she's very busy).  But I love her posts, especially the scarf-a-day blog!

Well, that brings me to bedtime – and thirteen blogs.  Which might be cheating, because a few folks there have more than one.  But it's bedtime, and I haven't finished my wine yet.  I might have to finish sending out the emails tomorrow.


  • Wow, thanks!

    26th January 2010
  • thanks alison! you have definitely brought a bit of sunshine into my grey London day today! 🙂

    26th January 2010

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