10) Time to ply! …and an announcement.

The plying!
One of my January goals, carried over into February, was to finish spinning (and plying!) the second in my Sweet Georgia fibre club offerings.  This was a luscious braid of shetland roving, in wonderful, saturated, tonal colours.  I believe this was achieved by dyeing a coloured (brown or moorit) wool, because I've seen some similar effects when dyeing over brown roving.  It seems I never took a photograph of the original braid, but I decided it wanted to be laceweight, and as much as possible!

I split it lengthways, and spun it fine, hoping to keep the colours reasonably in line with one another when I plied.  Here's a bobbin-full of the singles, showing most of the colours (I think!) from the original braid:


Lovely, aren't they?  However, I really should have split the braid more accurately.  When I'd finished the singles-spinning, it was very, very obvious that there was a lot more on one bobbin than on the other.  There is no way that the colours are going to line up for long in this little lot!


See?  I started plying on Sunday night, and the colours are already out of alignment.  If you click on the picture, you can see how they are barber-poling (poleing?  Yes, thankyou, Janet!) from one segment to the next, and they will get more and more erratically aligned as I go through the batch.  By the time I reach the end of the less filled bobbin, anything could be happening!

Long story short: this is not what I intended for this roving, and the end of the ply will probably have quite a different (i.e. more random) character to the start (which at least is partially aligned), but I must have started it with half my brain still in bed.  I'm sure it'll be glorious anyway, but selecting a lace pattern to go with it might be even more challenging than I anticipated.

The announcement!
I am launching a separate blog1 for my business, Yarnscape.  You can find it at http://yarnscape.blogspot.com, and for the next little while I will be attempting to follow the scarfaday example with my very own dye-a-day blogging.

I would love it if you came across to play with me there!

1I'm doing this because I don't want to spam the folks who follow this blog with my business exploits, and because I don't want to clutter up my business exploits with tales of dogs, Pilates and who knows what else!

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  • The colors are lovely. That yarn will knit up beautifully.
    Congrats on your business! I think it’s very wise to make it a separate blog. May both your blogs prosper!

    4th February 2010

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