9) January Roundup, February goals

Wow, it's February already!  And in my part of the world, it's dawned cold and bright, with a hard enough frost to cover the roads and make them truly treacherous.

So, how did I do against my January goals?

1) Spend at least 15 minutes per day working towards my Yarnscape obligations
Yes!  In fact, on average, I'm pretty sure I've spent well over an hour a day.  Yarn is getting dyed at a very satisfying rate…

2) Finish my Moor sweater;
No.  Though I have started reinforcing the steeks.

3) Start fixing Dad's Christmas sweater
from 2007
No, but I have a get-out clause for this one; it's off being photographed by The Knitter!

4) Make significant progress on the maze scarf
No.  Not one pick, not at all.  If I still plan to finish this one in February, I need to get weaving!

5) Finish spinning the shetland roving from the SweetGeorgia club
Well, technically I have spun it all, but now it needs plying.  Going by the literal meaning of the goal, I win, but it's not what I meant, so… no.

6) Plan my veg garden for the year;

7) Start making sourdough on a regular basis!
Yes!  Just.  I have some plans for making at least one loaf per week, with the minimum of fuss and wastage.  Let's see if I can keep this one going.

Hmm.  So, I score 2/7, but you know what the interesting thing is?  I really feel like this is a 'win' for me.  Thanks to this list, I've spent time doing some things that wouldn't have been touched.  Progress has been made towards goals that would otherwise have languished, and I'm starting to build some new and (I hope) productive habits.  It's also pretty clear that I can't achieve anything like the amount I think I can (or, alternatively, that yarn dyeing eats significantly more time than I anticipated).  So, what's coming up for February?

  1. Keep up the momentum for Yarnscape/Textiles In Focus.  This needs to include not only dyeing but also preparing the stall/labelling the yarns and so on.
  2. *Finish my Moor sweater!
  3. *Make significant progress on the maze scarf;
  4. *Ply up the Sweet Georgia shetland;
  5. Sample fleece for a 'sleeves in your pi' cardigan (Rav link).  There is a spin-and-knit along for this cardi on Ravelry, and although I'm not officially joining in, I think the lovely chocolate coloured Manx fleece I was given last year will be a delicious match for this pattern.  I'd like to try spinning it 'in the grease', so if I can do enough experimenting to come up with a washed swatch by the end of the month, I'll be really happy.
  6. *Plan my veg garden for the year;
  7. Start cultivating my Pilates habit again.  I used to do at least 10 minutes a day, which doesn't sound like a lot, but is lots more than nothing.  The amount of time I spend sitting down is taking its toll on my back, and I need to get it strengthened and moving again.

Anything carried over from last month gets prefixed with a *.  If I have to carry things over for multiple months, I'll stack up the *'s!  The 'biggie' this month is still TIF, but it's nice to remember I have other things on my plate, too.


  • Since I love lists, I really like the idea of this post!!! It’s always shocking to me how much longer it takes to do things than I expect.
    Sounds like you’re working on lots of cool stuff!! Good luck with getting a lot done in short, short February!

    1st February 2010
  • Off being photographed by The Knitter? Wonderful!
    Planning a garden is always fun, and now that there will be signs of spring, I bet that’ll get done! I can plan and plan, but I have no room actually plant anything…

    2nd February 2010
  • Ruth

    Not having done very well with the allotment last year, our garden planning only extends to what we’ll grow, not where. Been too conservative before, so now it’s just sow it anywhere and hope for the best!!

    2nd February 2010

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