17) Dark, rich and mysterious laceweight WLTM sophisticated and interesting shawl pattern for serious committment


Last night, I stayed up past my bedtime1 to finish plying and skeining the first lot of Sweet Georgia Shetland laceweight.

This is, roughly, 515m of yarn and my guess is that it weighs around 60-70 grams (forgot to weigh it this morning).That means that I should end up with somewhere around 700 to 800m of laceweight yarn, with long, slow colour changes, to play with when I'm done.

I want to knit a lace shawl with this, but generally dislike strong colour contrasts in lace fabric.  I could do a simple triangle with garter ridges, eyelets and a deep feather-and-fan edging, which would definitely play to the strengths of the colour, but some part of me would rather like to be a bit more adventurous. 


So!  I'm seeking pattern recommendations.  Here is the sort of thing I'm looking for:

  • Triangular or rectangular lace shawl.  I adore circular shawls, but the "Bull's Eye" look is not what I'm going for here.  Semi-circular would be OK, I guess.  But not hexagonal.
  • No knitted-on edgings or other multi-directional construction.  I don't  think it'd play nicely with the stripes (but triangular shawls with that 'V' pattern are fine).
  • Stitch patterns or shapes which are strongly directional (like feather-and-fan or chevron stitch), which will be accentuated by the slightly Noro-esque quality of the colours.  What I *don't* want is a gorgeous lace pattern that will be 'cut across' by the colours.
  • Not Revontuli.  I love it, but I did one (albeit a mini-one) last year.
  • Uses most of the yarn that I will have (c. 800m – tbc!). It would be a shame to have loads left over.

Please leave any and all (polite!) suggestions in the comments!  Whether or not I end up inventing a pattern or not, my favourite suggestion to arrive by the evening of Saturday 20th, GMT, will win a yarnscape voucher. (only the blog is currently live, sorry!). And, to sweeten the pot further, everyone else who makes a suggestion will be entered into a random draw for another voucher.

Please, guys, I need a pattern for this awesome yarn!

1 But not too far past.  I wouldn't like you to think I was skimping on my sleep. 😉


  • I like the Alpine Knit scarf from Victorian Lace Today. http://tinyurl.com/ydlfbl7 — that’s Ravelry.
    The lace is nice, but surely the colours would not hide it. Besides, I want to see someone else tackle that diamond border, which has so far stymied me… There’s always Kiri, which you can just keep knitting till you run out of yarn. I’d go rectangular, but maybe feather and fan longwise, ie cast on leventy million stitches and knit straight for 18 inches, or however long you can!

    12th February 2010
  • Oh, that is SO lovely! Maybe you could do the Lotus blossom shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lotus-blossom-lace
    and adapt it for laceweight? I’ve done 3 of them, and LOVE the pattern AND it’s a really easy shawl to wear.

    12th February 2010

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