Yorkshire or bust!

And yet again, I find myself starting a post with an apology for my recent silence.  This time, though, I have a better reason than usual.  A while ago, J and I decided to separate.  Every time I tell someone this, I’m greeted with sympathetic eyes, shock, and a horrified, “Oh, no!!”.  Which do definitely appreciate- but honestly, it’s not quite like that.  While very bittersweet, this is an amicable separation – and both of us are keen to see it stays that way.  We have, simply, come to the end of our path together, and it’s time for each of us to travel our own way.

And I do plan to do some travelling.  Specifically, I’m starting with a trip about 200 miles north, to a (new!) new job and a new life in my old homeland of North Yorkshire.

I’d be lying if I said this was all smooth sailing.  Getting the job was the easy part, though I feel very lucky to have found something that relates to my particular expertise so close to home.  As a country lass in a very technical job, I actually feel very, very lucky indeed.  Getting a place to live has, so far, been trickier.

Initially, you see, I will need to rent.  And the hounds are coming with me.  There is a real dearth of rental properties that are willing to let to someone with not one, but two, mid-sized dogs.  You would have thought that, especially in a rural area, it wouldn’t be so difficult, but until yesterday, I’ve been met with ‘no’ after ‘no’.

Now, though, I seem to have hit a run of better luck.  I’ve found several ‘possible’ places and one ‘will definitely accept two dogs’ place.  I have two viewings booked for a week tomorrow, so will hopefully have something settled very soon after that.

fingers crossed! (photo belongs to Ashtons Estate Agents)

Of course, this means I am unlikely to be resuming the dye work for a while yet.  Firstly, rental properties generally prohibit you running a business from the premises.  Secondly, it’s one thing risking your own carpet to dye and other assorted chemicals – it’s quite another when the carpet isn’t your own!  Thirdly, both space and time are likely to be at a premium for the next wee while.

Please keep your fingers crossed for this next phase of the proceedings.  Once I have found a place to live, the major anxiety will be over, with any luck.  There will be lots of hard work ahead, but at least I will be able to stop being worried – and start being excited!

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