Clue#2: Name that colour!

Just like the previous clue, everyone who comments will get an extra entry into the draw.  Get the name right, and get two entries!

I’ll be announcing the winner on the evening of New Year’s day itself – you can comment on any of the competition posts up til 16:00 UK time on the first (that’s 11:00 in New York, 08:00 in Los Angeles, 03:00 in Sydney!)  The first post is here; the next one is here.  Feel free to comment on all the posts – but only one comment each *per* post, please!

Have fun, everyone, and Happy New Year!

Clue #1: Name that yarn base!

Hey there!  Thanks to everyone who has already entered my Mystery Yarn draw!  Comment on this entry to get another entry in the draw – or two!

Just answer this question: which Yarnscape yarn base is this?  Feel free to check out my Etsy shop, especially my sold items, and the Ravelry Yarnscape page for clues!

You get one entry in the draw just for commenting.  Get the answer right, and you have two more entries in the draw!  Come back on the 31st for another clue, and two more chances to enter the draw…

I’ll be announcing the winner on the evening of New Year’s day itself – you can comment on any of the competition posts up til 16:00 UK time on the first (that’s 11:00 in New York, 08:00 in Los Angeles, 03:00 in Sydney!)  Come on, join in, let’s see how many countries and continents we can have represented!)

Merry Christmas!

Just a really short fly-by post to wish all you lovely people a very merry Christmas indeed. I hope you get to spend quality time with whoever is important to you – or to indulge in blissful solitude, if that is what you prefer.

A special mystery draw giveaway to my faithfullest readers: I’m giving away a skein of my own, hand-dyed yarn, type and colour not yet specified! To enter, comment on this post before midnight (UK time) on December 31… …and keep an eye out for ‘hint’ posts between now and then, too. You will have the opportunity to comment on those for ‘bonus’ entries into the draw!

I love having a blog here, and every comment brightens my day, even if I am really quite bad at replying on occasion! So thank you, and have a wonderful festive season.


And the winner is…

Mary!  It’s lovely to see you here!

Which just goes to show that even messages from Germany, get through.  (At least, when you are reading on a Kindle).  It’s funny: I always forget that Kindles can be used as browsers as well as for reading books.  Dunno why.

Congratulations to Mary, and happy Solstice to all! Mary, I’ll drop you an email to ask for the best postal address for your prize…

Saturday giveaway: Midwinter Fibre

We are rapidly closing in on the midwinter solstice in the northern hemisphere: days are getting shorter, weather is getting colder, and all the shipments have gone out for the midwinter installment of the Wheel of the Year club.

And I have another club giveaway: one for the spinners, this time!  I’m giving away 50g (so half an installment) of the actual club fibre; not a prototype, so it is just the same as the stuff I’ve already shipped to the club members.  I’m not going to say anything about the colours or composition (spoilers!), but I will say that it is suitable for any kind of spinning, from fine laceweight to chunky, and (I think) for needle felting too.

To enter for this giveaway, leave a comment on this post by noon UK time, Monday (December 19th).  This competition is open to everyone, all over the world, so join in and have fun!



A couple of extra projects have found their way into my home in recent weeks.  100g of silk/merino top, bought at my local spinning group’s Christmas party:

And a skein of sock yarn, colour ‘Rincewind’, from the Twisted Disc yarn club:

Between them, they probably represent tens of hours of project-time.  Especially the fibre, which must be spun, then knit (or woven, I suppose, but I’m seeing lace in this fibre’s future).  This is not necessarily a bad thing – after all, that’s a lot of entertainment for a very low hourly rate – but it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by all those hours, sitting there waiting for you to get around to them.  By all that potential, sitting in plastic boxes (now bursting at the edges, if you can even get the lids on at all).  And then, guilt comes creeping in: anxiety pops a hairy little head around the corner.  The other half starts eye-rolling at you, and the perpetual worry of moth infestation threatens your precious hoard.

I’ve long since sold or given away all of my less well-adivsed yarn and fibre purchases, leaving me with a stash that is much smaller than in previous years.  But I’m still acquiring materials faster than I’m using them up.  It’s only getting worse, too, as I am neglecting my ‘personal’ stash in favour of working on designs with my own hand-dyed yarns and fibre: work-related knitting, if you will.

So I’ve decided that 2012 will be the year of stash accountability.  Between now and the New Year, I will attempt to log all my stashed yarn and fibre in a spreadsheet, and enter as much as possibly into Ravelry.  From the start of January, I’ll be logging what I use assiduously.  I’d like to say I’ll be posting monthly updates on my stash reduction, but I know how badly I tend to do with schedules and commitments like that, so I’ll stick with the recording pledge for now, and comment on progress here whenever I have something interesting to say…  I will be ably assisted in my goals by the Ravelry Stash Knit Down group, who are a wonderful, inspiring and warm-hearted bunch.  (they also come up with some really crazy ideas.  Check out the 12 12s in 2012 thread if you need proof…)

I’ll also make a commitment always to have one ‘personal’ project on the needles as well as any work based knitting that’s going on.  I think that should help me make time to enjoy the stuff I already have tucked away.


The first of my gloves got finished last week, and photographed at the weekend:

I’m totally delighted with the fit, and it feels great!

Only one problem:

Two fingers, one thumb (keep moving…)

What can I say?  I’m utterly loopy for this glove project.  I love it, and I’d marry it.

The joy of being able to make a glove which fits my slightly odd hands (generally long and narrow, but with short little and ring fingers; very ‘wedge’ shaped palm) is a thing of delight.  I started by copying a commercial glove which fits me better than any other I’ve tried, but departed from that extremely quickly, when I realised it didn’t even have a thumb gusset.

(So why does it work so well?  Who knows?!).  All I can really say, then, is that the commercially knit glove gave me some inspiration, and an idea of an appropriate gauge for gloves that I like to wear.

And now I have an earworm.  Does anyone else remember that silly campfire song?

A touch of the blues

Spinning, weaving, knitting: all seem tinged with blue right now:

The weaving is the warp I started for the Houghton Hall Alpacas event – finally off the loom!  I have some finishing work to do on this, but I think I will have a pair of place mats and a table runner when I am done.  I was finally motivated to finish weaving this warp as I have a great urge to put something else on this loom.  More on that anon, however.

The spinning is a second batch of fibre for the shipwreck shawl.  If you remember, I was spinning a marled yarn (one blue single, one dark grey) for this shawl, but realised I wasn’t going to have enough yardage.  I dyed an extra braid of each (the grey was my fibre anyway; the blue wasn’t), and I’m now working my way through the second batch of blue.  I’m not sure I’m getting the same thickness as the original – one reason I generally stick to a spinning project all the way through before starting something else – but I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end…

And the knitting…  Well, I’m quite excited about this.  You almost can’t see it in the photograph, but waay over there on the left is the start of a grand experiment.  It’s a cuff- for a glove.  I’ve wanted to knit myself some gloves that actually *fit* for ages now, and it suddenly occurred to me that the handspun Twilight yarn from earlier in the year would be perfect for this.  I’m loving the fabric I’m getting – cushy, woolly, smooth stockinette – and can’t seem to put this project down at all.  In fact, it may have progressed as far as the thumb by now…  Want a better picture? (No thumb, though) – OK!

Saturday Giveaway results!

Thank you so much to everyone who played along in my most recent giveaway.  Since I offered three prizes, and got four entries… I am making an executive decision and declaring everyone a winner.  I will be emailing each of you with a voucher code and instructions on how to use it.  Have fun!

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