68) Oh, b*gger

I've been bit.  Three times on my right ankle, and twice on my left:


Yeah, hardly visible, right?  Let's hope it stays that way, because last time I had two bites on one foot, this happened:


67) Today’s theme is “long-awaited”

So, I could go on and on about how I've unexpectedly had a three week-break from blogging – but I did that in my last post, so instead, I'll just say mmmm, e-Sabbatical, and perhaps I know a bit about how Havi feels about giving up email.  It's been very freeing not to be paying attention to email, blogs, twitter, ravelry and the rest of them for three weeks.

I've spent a lot of time playing with wool recently; a couple of days, I almost felt like I'd had my fill of it.  Shocking, no?  And one day, I woke up with a reallly sore muscle in my back/side – right under my long-draw arm, for all the spinners out there.  I can't imagine why.

Half a day was devoted to a truly long-awaited enterprise: the blocking of Malhambrigio!  According to my Ravelry project page, I cast this on in December, finished the knitting in January, and have been waiting about seven months to block the sucker.

It was worth it, though:


This is one of those photos where I really would recommend you click to embiggen; I really, really love the flowing, organic, rhythmic quality that Anne Hanson's pattern possesses.  (It's Alhambra, by the way.)  I must dress up and persuade J to take some nice modelled shots of this one sometime; and I can't say how glad I am that I will have a warm, light 'little nothing' to fill in the neckline gap when the weather starts to turn chillier this autumn.

Also on the blocking board (OK, carpet) was Revontuli (Rav link); a project so neglected in the virtual world that it hasn't even had a Ravelry project until just now.  Knit from my much-loved fade to black handspun yarn, this is another one-ounce wonder which will be ju-u-u-st enough to protect my shoulders from over-zealous air conditioning in the office.


I have no record (gasp!) but I think I cast this on in June sometime, so this beast hasn't been hanging around nearly so long as poor Malhambrigio; I think I was spinning this yarn after the knitting of poor old M was long done.

Time to sign off now, lest my bed also become a long-awaited thing.  Now I've been away so long, I think I can confidently say that I'll be back sooner.  I've missed you all.

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