21) Oh yeah, it’s time to swatch again!

It might be blurred, but it's proof!  I finished the Tweedy Pullover!


Yes, it's the latest in my series of toilets-at-work FO shots.  And it's blurred because I didn't want to use the flash in the mirror.  But it's still proof!  I'll see if I can persuade my resident photographer to give me a better photo-op at the weekend.

What the nattily dressed 'direct advertising' intern girlie thought when she came into the toilets and saw me photographing my (well covered) breasts, though, I have no idea.  You can't really see it properly on this shot, but I love the way that the central two legs of the cable flow into the neckline.  Maybe you can if you click for bigger:


Swatched:   23 July 2008
Cast on:     19 September 2008
Finished:    26 February 2009
Ravelry page is here.

Yes, this project has been a bear.  It was supposed to be a quick knit, just to transition me into the autumn-mode so that I can knit a whole series of stranded vests.  Yeah, right – it's taken me five months.

So, my project queue is hopelessly out of date.  Time to shuffle all (or at least most) of the cold weather clothes to the back of the list and start planning for spring days and summer nights!  I have the spring Interweave Knits mag, the spring/summer Rowan mag and the Germanic folk patterns pamphlet to play with, not to mention my stack of Rowan back issues, all of Knitty and the many and varied Ravelry resources at my needle-tips. And now I get to swatch again!!  I actually love swatching.  I am lucky, and rarely have trouble getting gauge.  I love the planning, the anticipation, the pure potential of a new, fresh project.

I have a long weekend ahead of me – I've booked Monday and Tuesday off – so do you think I'll have much to show you by Tuesday evening?

20a) One final push

Jacqueline of Serendipity has been making immense waves recently, raising money to aid those affected by the recent bushfires in Victoria, Australia.  She is inches –inches– away from hitting a superlatively-revised target of $20,000.

Go help her, if you can1.  Besides, there are some awesome prizes to be won.  And she has *successfully* knit a gathered tweed pullover, so it's well worth your visit.  In fact, she was one of my inspirations.

1 But PLEASE NOTE – the link in her most recent post takes you to the American Red Cross page.  If you want to donate to the Australian Bushfire Appeal, be sure you're on the Australian Red Cross page.

20) Back in the fold, or, Persistence Pays Off


Yes, Tweedy has a sleeve, and I can't tell you how *good* it feels.

I was unpicking the seam in the third first sleeve sleeve1, and having angsty thoughts about the new sleeves *still* not fitting, when I suddenly thought – hang on!  I have knit a new sleeve already; how about if I sew that one in first, just to check the fit?!

Brainwave.  I won't say it was smooth sailing all the way; if this was dressmaking, I would have to say that I definitely had to ease the sleeve head into the armscye2 before I was done.  But it's in, and it fits, and it feels goooooood.


And now it has dog hair on it.

1 If you haven't read the saga of the sleeves yet…  it's probably too late to worry about it.

2 That's armscye.  Not arm's eye, or arm scythe, or even arm sigh.  ARMSCYE.  Yeeeesh.  Thanks.

19) If at first you don’t succeed…

If at first you don't succeed,
and you tink back, and rip back,
and pick up stitches
in angora-blend yarn, which is only getting fuzzier,

And if you swear and sweat
after the fifth hour spent
on a single row of lace,

And if you fidget and fret
and your whole weekend went
trying to make holes in the right place,



*Love* "Victorian Lace Today", but hate charts with mistakes in them. 

18) Happy Valentine’s Day!


…remember, love is everywhere.  😉

17) You know you love your dogs when…

…you get home to find one of them playing with half a skein of Malabrigo laceweight, and all you say is "Woody, drop!".


You can't blame me, though, eh?  It looks like the yarn will be fine, and he is damn cute:


16a) Give, knitters, give!

C'mon, let's raise $10,000.

16) Not the merlot


Spring greens; Lavender's blue and Stormy.  Merlot to follow

15) Finally, some progress!

When I set out to knit this sweater in, umm, July last year, I picked it partly because I wanted it, and partly because so many people had said it was a quick, satisfying knit.

Clearly, not for me.  I hibernated it in November after the sleeve caps turned out way too short for the armscyes.  This was after I'd knit the first sleeve one and a half times due to tramlines, and thought I'd lost the second sleeve.

Since then, I've knit three scarves (I don't do scarves) and almost three Lizard Ridge squares, and been forbidden knitting for a while.

Some time after Christmas, I think, I picked up Tweedy again and started reknitting one sleeve, direct from the original, using the magic loop technique (thank you Shan!)

Clearly, this got put on hold when my wrist gave out.

Over the last couple of days, I've been knitting gently, slowly, and taking frequent breaks to pet dogs.  And I have a finished sleeve:


On the left, the original, too-short sleeve cap.  On the right, the corrected one.  And no seaming!  Not the easiest to photograph, but hopefully you can see the difference. 

As I said: progress.  I think this is my longest-in-progress sweater *ever*.

14) Stovetop magic


Ahhh….  this doesn't hurt my wrist1.  That's a pot full of kid mohair laceweight, going a lovely merlot colour.  There's been a lot of dyeing happening this week; I'd almost forgotten how much I liked it.

I'm not entirely sure which is more magical, actually; making the  yarn change colour, or reskeining a handpainted batch of yarn and watching the colours come out to play with one another.

1 It's doing a lot better, thanks.  But I haven't knit for about two weeks now, unless you count the twelve stitches I did for Tempewytch to get her sock started in the round.

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