Fridays are for finishing, frogging and fixing…

(OK, I started this post on Friday, alright?)

I may *say* that I am committed to faithful project monogamy, but frankly, I don’t really live up to my own lofty ideals.  Quite apart from the ‘sock on the side’, I have a tendency to accumulate projects where the knitting – even the seaming! – is complete, but one small detail or the other means it is still hanging around my studio, rather than living in my wardrobe.

Top of the ‘finishing’ list are the pink and purple raglan and my little green bolero from earlier this year.  PPR only needs a closure – the original plan was a zip, but I have failed to find one that will work.  I’m now thinking that multiple hooks and eyes might do the job nicely.

The little green bolero is languishing on suspicion of making me look like a linebacker.

Copy of DSC03414

I’m also peeved with the finishing round the body – that last bit of rolled stockinette is too long, however I try and work it.  I’ve even knitted it twice.  I think I might rip the stockinette back and just cast off in rib, which should have much less of a tendency to flare out.  Then, we can see if it actually suits me or not.  If it doesn’t, it *will* be frogged, because this is handspun and I love it.

In the ‘frogging’ category is Elspeth:

Copy of DSC03413

I still love the yarn, love the design, but it does not fit me, and never has.  I don’t wear it, so what is the point?  I plan to re-knit this in the smaller size, because it’s not a big project.

In the ‘fix’ category…  Who else but Minnie??


I need to take her apart, seam by seam, to do this.  Then she needs lengthening in body and sleeves and re-assembling.  I would be nervous about this, if she was in any way wearable as she stands, but she is *fugly* and looks dreadful on.  The weird pose in the above photo is to demonstrate the total inadequacy of the sleeve length.  I’m not keen on the way it rises up in front, either.  Ugh!!

I also have H’s socks, which have succumbed to SRS (saggy ribbing syndrome) after a bit of wear.  I was originally planning to duplicate stitch elastic into the cuffs.  <<shudder>>  On further thought, though, I think it will be easier to rip the cuffs back, and re-knit, holding the yarn double with a strand of elastic.  The cuffs may wind up very slightly shorter, but not by much.

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