Fun and fripperies

My knitting plans have lost their spice.

Not that I'm not enjoying my knitting (I am), or that I'm short of inspiraton (I'm not), but The Plan feels like a life sentence, and I want some of the joy back.

The new job is eating so much of my time and energy that I just want some FUN when I sit down to needles and yarn.  I also want to sew more, spin more, weave more.  So, until the inspiration strikes and tells me otherwise, I'm going to change track.  I've missed the signup for the summer of socks, but I'm going to knit socks anyway.  And lace.  And lacy socks, if I want.  I might even manage some crochet.

First though, I *will* finish Spring Fling.  Which is progressing.  Honest!

Meanwhile, a LOLdog…

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Another 25g of laceweight, spun from my own dyed roving.  This batch, I managed to felt a little – it didn't draft or spin so smoothly; I felt like I was fighting it.


Still, though, about 180m of laceweight roving, slightly finer than the ugly duckling.  Because I like a challenge.


soo tired…

new job started yesterday.  knackered now.

all I have done tonight is eat dinner, and spin for 90 minutes straight.  Now, it's bedtime, and in any case, I'm too tired to find the camera.  I'm sure it'll get easier, this 'working' malarkey…

From grim to gorgeous: 2 simple steps

This roving was an experiment in microwave dyeing:


The colours weren’t particularly chosen for compatibility; they were just whatever I had lots of at the time.  In fact, I have a distinct bias against brown and blue, as they were the colours of my school uniform.  I thought the roving was pretty hideous, but felt nice (no felting or matting), so to complete the experiment I thought I’d better see how it spins up.


Hmm.  Pre-drafts nicely.  Let’s see…


Pretty smooth, makes a nice, fine, even single.  Kind of reminds me of river beaches, with pebbles.  Better keep going.

At this point, I forgot totally about the camera.  I was so smitten with my silly one-ounce roving that I split it evenly, then span, and span, and span…

Then I plied.


My word.  I’m totally smitten with this silly, fluffy, laceweight two-ply.  I am totally amazed how the ugly, splotchy stuff suddenly became subtle and heathered and so very, very appealing.

The ‘large’ skein is 22g, 120m.  What on earth can I do with that??

Is this progress?

Hey, look!!  Spring Fling has a back!


Cool progress, huh?  Sure looks like it.

Except the lace section – the whole lace section – that is, everything except the ribbing – has been knit on the wrong size needle.  ALL of it.  I realised about two minutes after I cast off.

The needle size is ‘only’ 0.25mm out, though, so I’m not ripping it yet.  I’ll knit the fronts, and see how much difference it makes to the overall gauge.  I expect I’ll have to rip, but I’m not ripping *yet*.

Regardless, I love the fabric this is making:


Almost like cheating

I did inded finish the Rampton challenge spinning on time.  Proof:


I was always going to say that this project has felt ‘almost like cheating’; the fibre is immaculatey prepped, and I’ve been spinning ‘fast and loose’, with no real goal or aim (other than the deadline) in sight.

Then, of course, I got the 2-ply off the wheel and thought it looked, well, a bit shabby.  Hubris, anyone?  Then, I bathed it.


Ahhh, that’s better.  This yarn, or this fibre, has shown, better than most, what a difference washing makes to a just-spun yarn.  The plies ‘puff’ up and mesh together and the whole yarn just comes alive.


I spun two large skeins (99g and 75g respectively) of this yarn, and two mini-skeins, one of Navajo-plied three ply and one with my original singles plied with a wildly thick-and-thin single.  The effect of washing on these two skeins is particularly evident:


The thick bits in the thick-and-thin ply regained their natural crimp when washed, which is particularly fun.  🙂


And speaking of fun, Rosie was at the Rampton spinner’s meeting.  Happy spinning, Rosie!!

Another change…

…because there simply hasn’t been enough recently!

I have a new job.  It pays decent money, and doesn’t involve programming computers.  At least, not much.

Jack, I’m going to be a technical author.

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