Just a quick note to say I might be going very quiet for a while.  My whole life is currently upside down.  My partner and I have agreed to separate, and though we are both happy with that decision, the fallout from it is horrible.

I currently have no job (sabbatical) and my hoped-for permanent employment may fall through.  We have to figure out what to do with the house (which we jointly own) and the dogs (the hardest part).  He does not think he can keep the dogs, due to working a full-time office job.  If I continue being self-employed, I will not be able to get a mortgage, so will have to rent.  No-one wants to rent a property to someone with two dogs.  If I get a permanent job, I will be mortgageable but working outside the home – and will probably have to give the dogs up.  The thought of parting from my beloved hounds tears me apart.

Knitting is not happening, because it give me too much time to think.  Normal service will be resumed as and when.

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