Late February stash report

Well, it looks as though I’ve actually managed to reduce the stash *sliiightly* so farthis year despite having to buy yarn to complete Lily (and having most of one of those balls left over, to boot).  It’s pretty clear, though, looking at that feeble graph, that I’m not going to be desperate for a yarn purchase any time this year (or next, if I wanted to keep it up):


Can you even see the dips in the lines?  No?  They’re there, I promise you.  The top (red) line is the length of my stash in metres; the lower line is the weight of my stash in kilos.  I’ve been reducing the length but not the weight of my stash with my current spinning project.  Well, plying project, really.  More on that later…

It is fair to say that the only way we are going to see much of a reduction in my stash this year is for me to sell or otherwise directly dispose of some of it.  That’s OK; I’ve identified a bunch of yarn that I’m not actually all that desperate to knit with, either because it was bought early in the Stash Acquisition Frenzy of the last two years, which means it’s from before I became sufficiently discerning of quality, and when I was more discerning of bargainaciousness, or because my tastes have actually changed.

I am going to try and sell/give away one ‘batch’ of yarn a week; that might be via the destash blog, or to a charity shop, or to a more needy knitter than I; heaven forfend, it might actually be via a competition or two, even after the current guessorama is over!


What is in this package??

There will be small yarny prize (or alternative prize if the winner isn’t yarny) for the correct guess, or the closest guess!

If more than two people guess correctly, we have a tie-breaker questions:  It’s my birthday coming up soon.  At what time was I born?

UPDATE:  I’ll be closing the entries at 12 midnight on the 28th.  And a hint: that package is just under a metre long!

So very behind…

I can’t believe it’s so long since I updated here.  My TypePad trial period is now up, and I still haven’t decided whether I’m staying here or not.  On the whole, I think there are more facilities over here, but I haven’t managed to make use of them yet, so I’m not 100% sure they’re worth my money!
I’ve not been as productive as I might have liked in February, though my ‘Making Waves’ socks are finished and the Lorna’s Laces socks are awaiting one, final, toe.  No work has been done whatsoever on fixing Minnie, or on procuring or attaching fasteners for my two fastenerless sweaters.
I’m even behind on my blog reading; last time I checked, my Bloglines backlog was over 200, which is pretty darn unusual for me.
Still, I’ve broken the ice with this post, so there should be more ‘real’ ones to follow.  Fingers crossed!

So, how monogamous am I really?

I’ve been known to wax lyrical about the joys of knitting monogamy; the fact that things actually get finished; the way things actually seem to progress.  The way that the yearning to cast on for the new project actually makes you knit faster on the old.

But am I holding on to a dirty secret?  If all my sordid little affaires were dragged into the light, how would my claim to monogamy stack up?  Welll…  let’s see:

Socks on the needles:
  • Making Waves socks
  • Lorna’s Laces Somerset socks
Really Old WIPs:
  • My Mum’s filet crochet curtain
Things I Call Finished But Which Aren’t Really:
  • York (needs zip)
  • Lily (needs zip/fastening)
  • Minnie (finished, but needs radical surgery)

Hmm, not all that good, really.  I’m currently working on the Making Waves socks, and hope to get them knocked out by the end of the week.  Fastenings are an issue; Lily might get buttons or might get a double ended zip.  York actually owns a zip (not sewn in of course), but I’ve always been a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find her a double-ender (Google that!).

As for the LL socks, there is effectively only half of one sock done; I made a mistake just after the heel turn in the lace pattern of the first one.  I haven’t decided whether to rip the whole lot, or continue with the same design – after fixing that mistake, of course…

And as for the filet crochet curtain…  That WIP is about 15 years old, if not more.  Mum has now got an alternative window treatment, but I’d like to finish it.

So, I’m declaring this to be "Finish-up February" – how many of those hangers on can I blitz in four short weeks?  Oh..  and since I joined the KOTR KAL, I have the Dalarna socks to knit over the next two months, too…


Get Knitted have a pic of the new Rowan up on their site – but no piccies from the inside!

Oh, the frustration…

UPDATE:  My copy of Rowan 41 was waiting for me when I got home!  First impressions:

  • there are more than sixty patterns in this issue.  That’s a lot.
  • there is a lot of crochet in this issue (not that that’s *necessarily* a bad thing)
  • quite a lot of the crochet motifs are very large and… ….clunky.
  • there are some really strange shaped garments here.
  • some of the garments are also very odd fitting
  • I am so *very* over the short colour repeat variegated yarns used for garments.  Even new yarns called ‘damask’.  Even in the neutral ‘pebbly’ colourway
  • also the chevron-stitch patterns for stripy sweaters.  Over.  It.
  • Apparently, Kid Silk Haze and Summer Tweed are the summer yarns of choice.

More to follow…

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