New Blog!

…over at – the a joint blog for J and I to document our new house and garden. 🙂

New house: first post!

We're in! And we have Internet!

I have a sewing room, J has an office, the kitchen is good, the garden is gorgeous.

And I've locked my keys in my car, which is outside the old place, with all the things in it we were so careful to pack because we really wanted to remember them in the boot.

Including the wine. Grrrrrr.

UPDATE: The spare car key has been found. This is good.


Two more socks have been completed in the Dad-sock saga. They don't match either. That's because they're made of different yarns.

The first one is in Opal, in a red, white and black colourway. It's supposed to be Middlesbrough colours, but reminds me rather of the time Mum washed my brother's red dungarees with Dad's white underwear: pink, but in a faded red way, not a Barbie way. Heh heh heh… He's still getting them, of course:

This sock was knitted on x stitches around, short row heel and toe, top down. It has no partner yet…

The second sock is Regia Ringel, red and white – again Middlesbrough themed. (My Dad is a big football fan.) I thought this one deserved more texture than plain stockinette would provide, so I used the stranding pattern from Knitty's Crusoe pattern. It gives a very pleasant texture, a dense, warm feel to the fabric, and provides just a little bit of visual interest to break up the broad stripes:

Short row toe and heel again, but knit from the toe up. As I have two balls of this yarn, that mean I could keep knitting until the yarn ran out. It's nice and long:

Mystery solved?? …and: advantages of houses

Over at the Harlot's place today, I spotted a post about smelly goats. Between giggling and wiping coffee off my keyboard, I realised that the pictures of the roving look remarkably like my mystery roving:

Here's a slightly blurry closeup of the same stuff. You can see the softer texture of the pale, soft fibre, and the darker guard hairs:

Don't you think that looks like the Harlot's goat? As far as I remember, it doesn't smell, though. Ain't I lucky?

So. Mystery roving. Is that a hint I've been holding out on you? Hmm. Well, I guess I should introduce you to a friend that's been with me for more than half my life:

Being a weird child, I asked for this for, I think, my 13th birthday. And Christmas. And possibly 12th birthday, too. I bought a spindle when I was about 11:

But, sadly, this friend of mine has not played much of a part in my life since I went to University. I haven't been able to take her with me. I haven't even hbeen able to let her stay with me in my flat. But, on Monday, J and I move to a new house. It has twice as many bedrooms as this place (as well as a downstairs loo, and a garden and lots more), and she will be able to live with me again. I know almost nothing about the technical aspects of spinning, as I have come to realise in the last 9 months or so, but I do learn fast. 🙂 I can't wait.

Finally, three bobbins. From left to right:

Gleaned wool singles spun in the grease; empty; possibly-goat singles.


We have exchanged contracts on our house purchase!
We complete next Monday. That is exactly 4 calendar monnths since we offered on the property; twice the average. Yeesh.
But, we've made it! Yayyyy!

To infinity and beyond…!

New skirt: winter version of the neverending (tiered) skirt. Chocolate brown corduroy, with lacing detail at the front, and elasticated back waistband.

I'm not sure why, but this pattern always ends up a little generous at the waist. It's supposed to be a drop waist, but not a drop-off waist. Fortunately, it shrank slightly on washing. Very wearable.

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