Shock! Horror!! NO KNITTING!!

…but I did buy the yarn for J's sweater. Expect to finish 'Amber' and cast on for 'Waves' this weekend. Cool.

Had most excellent dinner at Clare's last night. Avocado starter, American Cheesy Beef main course and mangoes and raspberries with creme anglaise and chocolate brownie meringue for dessert. And wine of course. And great company – Clare, Jack and Heather. And Pepper and Madison, of course. Thanks for a great evening Clare!

In which we prove that I’m not just making it all up as I go along…

First up, the back of Amber, and what was done of the front as on Sunday morning:

And then, the front of Amber as of last night! See how nearly finished??

Wow, what a lovely bias bind-off…

So obviously, I'm now thinking of what I have to knit next. Well, I know what I'm going to knit next, but it's for J, so it doesn't count. 😉 I now have to plan what I'm going to knit next for me. After J's sweater, obviously. Ahem. Well, I think it'll be Noro. I've never seen Noro Kureyon in the flesh before, let alone knitted with it, so clearly I had to buy four skeins of it from Knit Happens. Umm, make that fourteen, eh? The first colourway I had to have, as I was purchasing it as an inaugural tester of the Knit Happens online store, and it seemed, in the catalogue photograph, to be totally and utterly Knit Happens colours. And I liked 'em. So I got four skeins of this, which may or may not be enough to do anything sensible with; any ideas, do let me know:

And then, we have ten these puppies, to make the lovely York from Noro Knits. The pink isn't quite so 'popping' in person; clearly I have some camera wrangling yet to master.

So, unless someone comes up with the Perfect Plan (TM) for the four skeins of Noro, it'll be York, I think. I can't wait to get all those colours under my fingers! Yum!

Tomorrow is as tomorrow does!

OK, I might have a slightly different version of 'tomorrow' to most folks! I think the difficulty here is that my camera works seamlessly with my home laptop (both being Sony), but I usually have a few spare minutes for blogging when I'm at work. And I'm currently fixated on posting photos.

Amber is racing along (for me) – the front only has one side of the neck to go, and then it's onto the seaming! (Amber is sleeveless – so no Sleeve Island for me!)

After that, I'm honour bound to start on the wonderful J's wonderful sweater. I have a few calculations to run on this before I get going, for which I should really swatch. He wants Waves from the All Seasons Cotton collection, but in Summer Tweed (shade 507, Rush). The boy has good taste! I don't think there will be issues with gauge, but I do need to work out how much of the darn stuff to buy. This will be a costly (but beautiful) beast when done.

And 'when done' is a scary thought. It's taking me a few weeks to put together a slim-fitting, skimpy sleeveless V-neck for myself in this yarn. J wants sleeves, a baggier fit, and sleeves. And is taller than me. Did I mention the sleeves???

Good job I've got a long weekend coming up. Yay knitting time!

Knitting: it comes out faster than it goes in

Cast off the back of Amber last night, and cast on for the front. Well, almost. I got to the end of the decreases for the waist and found I'd cast on 8 too few stitches. I'm not sure if I accidentally cast on for the smallest size (despite careful use of highlighter pen on my photocopied pattern) or if I cast on the number of stitches that I was supposed to be decreasing *to*. Anyway, it got ripped out and started over. I'm almost back to where I was; a couple of hours work (am I slow? I don't know!) Anyway, pictures tomorrow.

Also in knitting news, J has asked me to knit him a sweater! Shock and delight! More on that tomorrow, also with pictures. Ooooh, and my Knit Happens order arrived!! Lots of Noro Kureyon and the Noro Knits book. Yummy. Pictures? Wait for tomorrow. 😉

Actual stuff…

In knitting news, Clapotis is finished! I sewed in the ends and washed and blocked it on Friday morning, before work. (I then went to the gym. Virtuous, huh?). I have swatched and cast on for Rowan's Amber in a delicious lilacy mauve colour. Lots of stockinette, easy shaping – a great 'moving on' project. I'm several inches into the back, and itching to get on with it…

…with thanks to Anonymous

Who kindly pointed out that I'd clearly become so overcome with excitement at my New Car that I'd simply become speechless. Well, no. Very busy, actually. I was on a training course Wednesday to Friday last week, and J's parents came to visit on Friday, staying till Monday. Accompanied by Holly, a most adorable Border Terrier who was very well behaved indeed, considering the temptation put in her path by two chinchillas… I've never seen a dog literally vibrating from nose to tail with excitement before.

It has been a good month for getting things. The new car has arrived and has been driven places. I am feeling very proud of myself, and almost getting comfortable with it. I still dread having to reverse into parking spaces though.

The new sewing machine continues to be gorgeous, though I don't think I'm completely au fait with it yet. Hardly surprising…

And I have a new camera! I've been wanting a compact so I can just snap things that interest or inspire me, anytime, anywhere. So J bought me one for my birthday! Thanks hunn!! 🙂

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