Oh, you poor fool…

Oh, J, you just don't know the extent of the trouble you're in now. 😉 You have no idea of the damage you've done, or that there is no way to undo it. The secret is out, and there is just no way you can make me forget it.

You can cook.

Bloody great meal, lad. 🙂

The week of no mornings

This week has been poor – it will be so much better when it's over. I have been totally and utterly incapable of getting out of bed at a sensible time in the morning, which means I haven't made it to the gym once. I have, however, been pigging horrendously on food, so I'll be lucky to lose any weight at all this week, though I shouldn't put any on, either. I blame my hormones, or something. Something that'll pass and make next week better than this one, anyway.

In other news, my eBay auctions are back up and running well – I'm getting a significant level of interest for commissions (dance skirts), though whether anyone will stick around when they see the price, heaven only knows. I still don't have a website, but this at least makes me think it's worth putting one up.

But at last, the weekend is upon us…

…and it proves to be a busy one (again!). It's Martyn's birthday this weekend, which should be fun, and I'm going on another training ride with Heather on Sunday. Back to theirs for lunch this time, though.

Despite the low energy levels, I've been doing quite well at keeping the house and laundry under control, so I should get some time for 'fun' stuff at home this weekend, too. In fact, I'd say that the house is really starting to come together nicely. 🙂

I'm feeling enthusiastic about sewing again – I really want to start ploughing through some of the fabrics I have been hoarding like some weird, non-gold obsessed little dragon.

First, though, I have to get through the last work day of the week. Unfortunately, today's work is as boring as all get-out, which means my l33t skills will manage to make it last three times as long as it should.

And I just realised I forgot my lunch. Arse.

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