Four blood tests in how long?

Ugh. Once those doctors start taking blood out of you, I'm telling you, they never want to stop! I had a bunch of routine tests done back in October, after which I received a message asking me to go back for a repeat one the next week. When I went back for the repeat in, ummm, January, they rang me up later that same day and told me not to consume any bananas, citrus fruit or cola. Also, please could you come in again tomorrow, really, it's urgent, we need to do a(nother) repeat. Oh yeah, the surgery's closed tomorrow, but that's OK, it just means you have to hand deliver your own blood to Addenbrooke's, oh yeah, and tell them it's urgent too. Please?

Anyway, that one came back normal (thus allowing me to resume my normal eating habits). It was, however, very painful, and I ended up looking like a junkie for a week (due to the bruising) and not lifting weights properly (due to the soreness). So you can imagine my delight when I received another letter asking me to go for another repeat test early last week.

So, my response to this one was prompt, but reluctant. Now we have to wait and see if my breakfast drink of grapefruit juice, morning snack of banana and afternoon snack of clementine are to be banned again. And as for the cola, I'm not really sure I should be kissing J at all… 😉

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