In which the Reject Bedroom Furniture finally retires…

It's getting on for five years since I bought my place, so I think it's nigh on time to retire the icky white melamine chest of drawers that was left as part of a bedroom suite by the previous owners (though they may have thought it was yellow) that's been doing duty as the dresser/place to bung stuff in the living room. So today it was finally evicted in favour of a shiny new oak sideboard and a matching sideboard for the telly-area courtesy of the folks at emporio. It did bite me on the way out, though, when J managed to shut one of the drawers on my finger. Owwie!

Does anyone else 'suffer' from the affliction whereby everything looks a completely different size in the shop to how it does when you get it home? Whilst I measured both available space and the actual furniture very carefully before buying, so I knew it would fit, it still contrives to look taller/wider/whateverer than it did before it arrived. Hmmm.

By the way, special thanks are due to the two burly lads who carried a *long* solid oak sideboard, not flatpacked, up into my first floor flat, with minimal swearing, and only one frantic utterance of "Oh, crap, this one's got a glass door on it". Well done, you were great. 🙂

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