Enough to feed an army

Yesterday, before pootling off to dancing, I took a bunch of photos (here) showing the parlous state of the kitchen. It looks like something off a 'tenants from hell' documentary. In our defence, the scabbier walls have already had the paper partly removed (and have been in that state for several months. Ahem. Thanks Alex) 😉

Also, the kitchen seems to be in danger of being overtaken by plastic bags which have hitherto resided down the side of the fridge. I don't know how they all fitted. I think we have too many plastic bags. The photos start with a shot of J enjoying the life of luxury we knew before all this started (though the packing boxes are starting to make their presence felt). There is then something that approximates a panorama of the kitchen as it was, including the wall we started working on on Sunday. Incidentally, the fridge we moved is taller than me, and occupied roughly 2/3 of that wall. It can be seen, just, through the door in this shot.

So, having taken a night off to go dancing yesterday, I spent 6 hours cooking tonight. I think I've cooked enough food for about 11 meals for 2 people, all to be frozen. The freezer is unaffected by all this work (it lives in the cupboard under the stairs), and the microwave will be kept to hand, so we will be able to eat in the two weeks we have no kitchen. The new kitchen is being delivered (as flat-pack) sometime on Thursday. The old kitchen will be removed on Thursday evening. I've got Thursday and Friday off work, and the floor is being laid on Saturday. We then have two weeks to fix the walls (and ceiling, which just needs a re-paint) until the bloke comes back to fit the new kitchen on the 17th/18th April. When, incidentally, Ruth and Roly are visiting, and I'm going on a dance workshop all weekend (because I like making life interesting). It should all, fingers crossed, be do-able.

We actually start working on the kitchen

OK, I'm going to try and document the kitchen progress diary-fashion. Well, actually, this first part is retrospective; I've been meaning to do this all along, but not gotten around to it until now. When you reach the bit about major demolition, you'll have reached the real 'now'.

So, firstly, we moved the fridge out of the kitchen and into the dining room (thanks to Sue's amazing sack barrow, we even managed to do it without damaging the exposed edge of the laminate floor at the threshold between the dining room and the kitchen). Wooo. Progress. OK, it's not much, but it needed doing before the old kitchen gets demolished (which is due to happen on Thursday. It's now Sunday…)

Also, James got rid of the final fragment of what the previous owners humourously described as a 'breakfast bar', (mostly) demolished a box-thing that hiding radiator pipes going up the wall, and removed tiles from the general area. Of course, we didn't take any 'before' photos, so you'll just have to make do with the 'after' and some imagination. 😉

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