40) FO: J’s quilt (coca cola)

Here is J's quilt, as it was when I gave it to him on his birthday, spread out over the sofa: 


(yes, Woody jumped up onto it as soon as I'd taken the photo!)

Comparing it with the version I gave him two years ago, I really like the extra dimension that the deep border gives, and I'm very glad I went with the cyan fabric as the binding.  The knotting seemed to take *forever*, and I'm not sure it'll hold for long – the jury is still out!

Obviously, the fabric pieces used for this quilt are quite big.  They had to be, for two reasons: firstly, the prints on these fabrics are quite large-scale, and would have been lost if cut into tiny pieces.  Secondly, I did the patchworking bit in a very few days, in secret.  I needed it to be a quick job!

This quilt is a good size for wrapping up in on the sofa, or topping a double bed.  I came back from spinning last Tuesday to find that it had been neatly folded – apparently, he'd spent the evening curled up under it, playing computer games, so I think it's a hit.

This weekend, I finally finished the 'signature':


I almost put a date range on it – but decided that was silly.  Oh, and Ota (otter) is a nickname.  🙂

In my next quilt (and there are a few options lined up, oh yes!) I would like to explore some more complex piecing and finer detail.  This one is big, bold, graphic and wonderful, but I could use a bit of a change next.


32) J’s quilt

I was quite horrified, yesterday, to realise I hadn't ever –ever!– blogged about J's quilt.  OK, it's been on my goal list for the last couple of months, but I've never really talked about it.  In fact, until now, I didn't even have a 'quilts' category on my blog.  Shocking.  (I also realised I didn't have a search tool on my blog.  That's now rectified, thankyou!)

Anyway, J's quilt has a theme, as has the only quilt that I've ever completed.  I love making things *for* people; I don't tend to have a pile of generic gift items.  If I give you a hand made gift, it means that I have made it for *you*, based on your personality, interests and tastes.  Anyway.  Theme.  Tastes.  Can you guess the theme here?


Yup, my other half is totally, completely and utterly addicted to the Evil Black Nectar.  The first time I found Coca-cola quilting fabric on eBay, I was probably slightly horrified.  Then amused.  Then – of course – inspired. 

It was remarkably easy to track down enough different fabrics to build a quilt top, though it is – predictably – rather red-dominated.  I was delighted to find the cyan-based fabric that I've used for the tiny squares; it just lifts the whole thing slightly.  I'm hoping to have just about enough of that stuff left to bind the quilt, but we'll see.

This is a pretty simple, big-piece quilt; as is so often the way, I decided to make it for his birthday (errm, around two years ago!), so I was in a hurry.  I finished the top for his birthday, and gave it to him.  With any luck, I can give him the finished quilt for his next birthday (at the end of this month).  This next photo was taken after almost all of the piecing was complete; it now has a black border about twice the width of the wider black strips all round:


It will be a nice size to top a double bed (it's lying on a double mattress in the above photo), or, since we don't have a double bed, for J to wrap around himself whilst watching telly or waiting for his home office to warm up in the winter.  Yesterday, I pinned the quilt to the (preshrunk) batting and the (prewashed) backing fabric, and now the quilting can begin.  I intend to use knots, this time; I hope it will be a quick and clean-looking way to finish a contemporary, graphic quilt.

Today's Top Tip: when assembling a quilt, it's handy to have a large, clean, hard floor.  Tape the backing fabric to the floor, then pin the batting to the backing.  Then, pin your quilt top to the other two layers.  I can't remember where I read this handy wee tip, but it's so much easier than trying to deal with three shifting, independently moving layers.

Showcase: Alex’s quilt

Alex's quilt is the second quilt I ever started, and the first one I ever finished. (My first-started one still exists, and just needs the quilting finishing, and the binding attached. Must get around to that sometime.)

Alex's quilt was intended to be a 30th birthday present, but I didn't finish on time (typical!) and it was given to her shortly after her 31st birthday party.

The theme of the quilt is 'chillies', as the lass loves her hot food. She's also mentioned numerous times in the past that she has always liked triangles, and, as a child, designed many things with triangular motifs. I wanted to incorporate that into the design, too. Anyway, here's the whole quilt spread on our (superkingsize) bed:

The block is a basic 'Flying Geese' block, chasing round the quilt in a simple knot-type design. I selected only fabrics with a black ground (or a solid print), and used black cotton as the base fabric, as I really wanted the hot colours to 'pop'. I was careful to incorporate enough green into the design to provide a contrast; too much red, yellow and orange would have looked 'flat' and uninteresting. I was particularly pleased to find the 'flame' fabric, as it carried the 'hot' theme wonderfully, whilst at the same time being very contemporary and having a hint of 'punk rebel grrrrl', too. The 'pepper slice' fabric was another lovely find, providing a definite variation in shape that was still consistent with the overall theme.
Here's a couple of photos showing most of the fabrics used in the quilt:

I quilted it using 'chilli' designs of my own:

plus a 'flame' logo that I also designed, and which proved to be a little too complicated to work very well:

The back of the quilt uses irregular blocks of the design fabrics:
And, as I said, it was supposed to be a 30th birthday quilt. Errrr, yes:

Spread on Alex and Martyn's couch:

I think Alex likes it!

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