22) My first cotton!

…meanwhile, I've been bunking off at my desk and spinning cotton.  I'm lucky, my employers *expect* quirky, and as long as the work gets done, and is high quality, no-one minds.


This is about 12.5 m of 2-ply cotton, the first I've ever spun.  It seems to be rather over-plied, as you can see by the twistiness of the tiny wee skein, but then, most of the singles have been sitting on the spindle since well before Christmas.  Singles (at least, wool ones) tend to 'set' a bit if they're left too long, which can make getting a balanced ply a bit of a guessing game if you don't have a sample card (which I don't, for this).  I dunno if cotton does this, but I suspect it does, so we'll see what happens after finishing, eh?

The spindle (which I adore) and the cotton itself were gifted to me by the talented and generous SarahW.  I have more cotton, of different types, to play with, too, so watch this space for more.


I'm pleased with the fineness and the relative evenness of the yarn, given that it's my first time with this fibre.  Only trouble is, this is supposed to fill in those irritating bits of desk-time when I'm waiting for my computer to finish Some Complex Task, and now, all I want to do is spin more cotton…

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