WIP Wednesday

The first of the year!  I’ve been working hard on Myrtle over the Christmas break; on the 22nd, she looked like this:

Back and two fronts

Plus this:

Two sleeves

(I’ll remind those playing along at home that the back and fronts contain no actual shaping between the bottom edge and the armscye.  That rather alarming hourglass effect is acheived purely by using different stitches).

I took the whole shebang up to my parents’ place for Christmas, where I seamed the shoulders and knit the hood (which is nothing more than a rectangle of moss stitch, grown out of the neckline and joined to itself at the top).

The real fun started when I got back to Cambridge.  If you have really good eyesight, or a really good memory, you’ll see/remember that the body pieces are on provisional cast-ons.  I didn’t know when the yarn was going to run out on this design, so I decided to finish everything else, then knit the body pieces downwards from the hip until they were as long as possible.  (Picture much frantic weighing and calculating here).  All done!

Except I’ve done rather too good a job at using up all the yarn.  I think I have enough left to sew in the sleeves, but nowhere near enough for the sleeve seams and side seams.  Rather than unravel the thing, I think I’m going to use the leftover yarn for the most visible seams (sleeve heads), and find something dark and unobtrusive for the rest.  Because frankly, if you’re peering at my side seams, I’m gonna want to know why.

FO by Friday?  Maybe.  😉

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