Free pattern: Yarnscape’s Sock Recipe

Another free pattern! I’m releasing this now to celebrate Footsie being chosen as as this week’s Yarn of the Week over at Affinity Yarns!

This is my go-to recipe for basic, simple socks that fit well and stay up.  The pattern’s been almost done for months – since last year, I think?! – but the stumbling block, as ever, was photography.  Photographing your own feet is not the easiest thing in the world.

But Woody is always available to help.  I didn’t plan for him to be part of the photoshoot – but he had firm ideas of his own.

These are simple, work-a-day socks.  The cuffs are 1×1 ribbing; the leg and the top of the foot 3×1.  They use a short-row heel, and a ‘star’ toe.  I love the star toe; it’s very, very easy to work, looks pretty, fits like a dream, and doesn’t have to line up with the rest of the sock in any special way.

You can download my simple sock recipe from here – or add it to your Ravelry queue here.  Happy knitting!

Widdershins scarf: dancing against the flow

I’m delighted to introduce the Widdershins scarf (formerly known as ‘Magrat’). This pattern was inspired by the Magrat colourway from the Twisted Disc yarn club – and by the character of Magrat Garlick herself (from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series).

The youngest of the Ramtops witches, Magrat believes in fairies, crystals, the healing power of colours and a lot of other things that the older witches do not have any truck with.  Despite her apparent simplicity, an almost permanent confidence crisis, and the cynicism of her older and more experienced colleagues, Magrat is much more effective than she may at first appear.  She is an eternal optimist, believing that bad things only ever really happen to bad people, yet when cornered, can pack a punch to stop others dead.

Widdershins is a scarf pattern that uses a biasing, openwork stitch to make a long scarf from a single skein of sock yarn.  Periodically, stitches are cast off from one edge, and cast on at the other, working against the flow of the bias fabric. (‘Widdershins’ originally meant a path or course opposite to that taken by the sun).  In the name of optimism, the scarf takes two steps backwards for every three steps forwards, producing a long, off-kilter rectangle (ok, a parallelogram if you’re going to be pedantic!) with serrated edges.  The two faces of the scarf are not identical – but both look great on display.

The pattern is available for $4 from my Ravelry store, or, you can simply…

93) Pattern launch: Cold snap!

Finally!  How long does it take to write the world’s simplest hat pattern, anyway?  You can download the pattern for Cold Snap for free, here.

Alex, a very dear friend, and I had a lot of fun taking the photos for this hat last Wednesday.  In fact, it can be a hat – or a hood.  It all depends on how many seams you sew.

One seam, hood:

Two seams, hat:

I had hoped – really hoped – to be able to list some yarn at the same time as I posted this pattern.  Unfortunately, I miscalculated badly.  Our kitchen is being refitted next week, so I have no way to set any dye, no space to dry yarn in, and – significantly – no time.  I do have two skeins available – I’ll try to get them listed very soon.

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