January roundup; February plans

So, the January goals and achievements list looks something like this:

  • sewing: finish voile skirt – shame on me; I haven’t even found it.
  • weaving: cotton yardage – samples complete, loom warped
  • spinning: alpaca fleece project – in progress, but nowhere near finished
  • spinning: Corriedale on Turkish spindle – ditto
  • knitting: finish handspun sweater – done!
  • knitting: Experimental fingering weight bandana-cowl – done!
  • crochet: 2 afghan squares – done!  In fact, three.
  • 1,000 metre stash gone! – done!  Even if you don’t count the cotton warp.

So, it looks like there’s a theme here.  Knitting and crochet have proceeded apace; spinning, weaving and sewing less so.  Knitting and crochet are the most sedentary and the most portable of the crafts; ideal for cracking on with when tired and vegging out on the sofa.  The other activities, though, I have to concentrate to fit into my life.

Sewing hasn’t been a regular part of my life for years, and I left my most comfy spinning chair behind when I left Cambridge.  Weaving is a relatively active occupation, and doesn’t lend itself so well to those sleepy evenings.  Spindle spinning is portable, of course, but gets you some very funny looks from time to time…

Change my habits, or change my goals?  What do you think??

In February I will aim to:

  • sewing: find and finish the voile skirt
  • weaving: cotton yardage
  • spinning: alpaca fleece project
  • spinning: Corriedale on Turkish spindle
  • knitting: finish Imogen
  • knitting: Whitby socks
  • crochet: 2 afghan squares
  • 1,000 metre stash gone!

February is also a great month to start thinking about gardening.  I am currently in rented accommodation, of course, with limited licence to dig and plant, but I still want to produce as much of my own edibles as possible.  Although it’s still winter here, I can still plan, order seeds, weed and prepare soil, and even start some seeds indoors.  I love garden-starting season, so I’m going to make the most of it!

January Goals

Just a quick post – late, but better than never.  This is my goals list for January, starting to look more ‘challenging’ than not…

  • sewing: finish voile skirt?
  • weaving: cotton yardage??
  • spinning: alpaca fleece project
  • spinning: Corriedale on Turkish spindle
  • knitting: finish handspn sweater
  • knitting: Experimental fingering weight bandana-cowl
  • Crochet: 2 afghan squares
  • 1,000 metre stash gone!


I’m a member of the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry: an amazing group of knitters, crocheters and other kinds of stash-aholics, and there has been much excitement around 2013 since, ooooh, probably the middle of November.  (New Year!!  Clean slate!  Resolutions!  Goals!!!).  The board is *nuts* right now, as everyone piles in with the joy of This Year, I’ll Get It Right.

Anyway, there are oodles of challenges, and any number of goal-setting opportunities.  One of my favourites (partly because it was my idea, but only partly) is the Sigma13 challenge, named for the fact that you are summing from 13 to 1, like the 12 days of Christmas, but woolier.  This is a year-long challenge, and my list is designed to allow overlap between categories:

  •  13 sewing projects
  • 12 lengths of yardage (weaving)
  • 11 spinning projects
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 9 deep-stash items (pre-2012 yarn/fibre)
  • 8 sweaters/cardis
  • 7 things from handspun
  • 6 gifts for others
  • 5 laaa-cy shawls!
  • 4 vests for work
  • 3 challenge techniques
  • 2 cozy blankets
  • 1 10,000 metre stash down!

Any bets on how much of this I’ll manage to get done in the next 12 months??

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