36) Sustainability Sundays

Well, we had Sourdough Sundays for quite a while, but I'm not baking every single week right now, and there's a limit to the amount of experimentation I'm doing in my regular loaf.  So, inspired by Leigh, I'm introducing 'sustainability Sundays'.  She's been participating in Sharon Astyk's Independence Days challenge, which is all about freeing people from their dependence on the Agribusiness Empires – and, I think, the tyrrany of supermarkets, processed food and other allied evils.  There are seven areas to report on, weekly, and I've wanted to join in – but, perversely, have been dissuaded by the name of the challenge.  So I'm reframing it as my own Sustainability Sundays log, and will try and keep this one up for more than a few weeks.  So, this week I have:

1. Plant Something –

  • soy beans
  • transplant melons, squash and cucumbers
  • Start mushroom kit

2. Harvest something –

  • salad greens
  • beetroots (overwintered)

Preserve something

  • Excess milk made into yoghurt

Waste Not
(reducing wastage in all areas)

  • Made soup from chicken carcasses and stock from pork ribs
  • Saving kitchen water for the garden/indoor plants
  • Composting kitchen waste

5. Want Not (preparing for shortage situations)

  • can't think of anything here!

Build Community Food Systems

  • Blogging about it
  • Sharing homemade yogurt (and how easy it is!) at work

7. Eat the Food

  • Yoghurt on my breakfast
  • Yoghurt cheesecake (a massive success!)
  • Beet greens in quiche

That's it for now – I want to expound on the topics in more detail, but for now, I just want to get this posted!  Happy Sunday!


  • GREAT idea! I look forward to seeing everything you do with this idea

    31st May 2010
  • I like your “sustainability” better thank “independence.” Either way, I’m glad you decided to join in for a bit. I’m finding it really helpful to write these things down. But the end of the week I can see progress, even if only a little.
    I’ll be interested in how your soybeans and mushrooms turn out.

    1st June 2010

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