12) Sourdough, again


Immediately following the success of the white sourdough loaf, I was inspired to try a rye loaf.  I used this recipe, starting at 'stage 2' and scaled back for the amount of starter I had available, and used the breadmaker both to make the dough and to bake it.  This was the first time I'd played with rye, and I've since found out that it's best not really kneaded, and can be very strange and 'gluey'.  Yes, it was.  Making the dough in the breadmaker was a bizarre and frustrating experience, and, I suspect, could easily burn out the mixer.  In the future, I would just mix it all together in a bowl, then dump it into the breadmaker bucket to prove and bake – if I wanted a square loaf, anyway.


The astute will notice it is a very squat, heavy loaf (not surprising, given that it's all rye), but it was still good.  It was baked through and had a very even, moist texture.

I let it prove for as long as possible, setting the breadmaker to bake it so that it was ready when the alarm went off on Monday morning – a delicious smell to wake up to!  I ate about a quarter of the loaf for breakfast, and have been snacking on it ever since.  I had some for lunch today (Thursday), toasted, with scrambled egg, and it's still delicious.  The crust is tough, but somehow, still not hard.  And it certainly doesn't taste at all stale.

This morning, I got out my tiny starter from the fridge, and added flour and water to start building up the volume for this weekend's baking.  I'm really enjoying this!

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  • I’m enjoying it too! (As you know 🙂 I haven’t tried sourdough rye bread yet, though I definitely need to. I have to admit that we actually prefer a denser loaf of bread, one that looks like yours. Lighter is okay, but the denser loaves just have more substance.
    I lost the paddle to my bread machine, so alas, I am forced to knead it otherwise. It still comes in handy for the bake cycle though. I suppose once that goes I’ll be forced to buy another.

    5th February 2010

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